The Things To Love About Traveling To Mexico

Mexico is a place where anything can happen and it is full of places to go and see, great food, friendly people and much. Over the years after visiting many places it has truly become one of my favourite places and I have been to a lot. It doesn’t matter if you take a luxury Mexico vacation or a more subdued backpacking experience, there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy. Here are the things that I love about traveling to Mexico.

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Mexican food

There is nothing better than Mexican food and it is something that I would happily have every day for the rest of my life. I love the fresh ingredients that just seem to perfectly suit the hot climate of Mexico. My personal favourites are nachos, tortillas, tacos and burritos. There are so many wonderful dishes to try, you just have to go looking for them! As well as this there are many fresh fruits that are sold on the streets and are a great way to keep yourself energised in the hot Mexican sun.

The friendly people

Interestingly Mexico has a little bit of a reputation as a dangerous place, but when I went there that was not at all the feeling that I got. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming, and they were also willing to help a foreigner in need. I also know a number of other people that said the same thing too and it was a great feeling to have confirmed this! Of course, if you speak a little bit of Spanish it may be easier to get by, but what I experienced was that the Spanish people were more than happy to help me. This positive attitude rubs off and you find that people from many different countries have a great feeling and are positive about being in this great country.

The archaeological sites

Mexico was once home to various tribes at one point, the most famous of these were the Aztec and Maya peoples. They had an extremely sophisticated society with a lot of advanced technologies for their time. Their biggest legacy is the temples, cities and pyramids that can still be visited today. This is an extremely interesting experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting Mexico and should not be missed.


Tequila is world famous as the liquor made from the agave plant and is one of the proudest exports of the Mexican people. Very often in other countries, we receive the lower grades of tequila, which are cheaper and contain less agave. There really is nothing like tasting good tequila for the first time in the country it is actually made in. The taste difference is really night and day and I will never forget my first sip in Mexico. If you don’t like tequila I think it is safe to say that after a trip in Mexico you will.


The area around the Yucatan peninsula is scattered with many thousands of sinkholes. These are holes in the earth where sedimentary rock once existed and was eroded away by water, while the harder materials around them stayed intact. They feature many interesting rock formations as well as crystal clear waters. They are extremely interesting to explore, swim, snorkel or dive in. To put it into perspective these are simply holes in the ground that you can usually access by a rope or ladder and are one of my personal favourites when in this part of Mexico.

The language

Spanish is already a beautiful language, but many people say that Mexican Spanish is the best and has a pronunciation and speed that sounds the best and most sophisticated. Personally I don’t speak Spanish, but I can definitely appreciate the beauty of the language and the expressiveness of it.

The beaches

We all know that Mexico is famous for its beaches, and particularly those on the Yucatan peninsula. The are just countless beaches and something for everybody, if you want to party and experience the resort life you can head to Cancun or Acapulco. If you want something more quiet, you can definitely experience that too. Most of the time you just need to do a little bit of research and head out away from the touristy areas and you will be able to find what you are looking for. Whatever you prefer, the white sand, amazing weather, and turquoise waters are going to be something that you will enjoy.

The colours

One thing that you notice about Mexico after visiting for the first time is definitely the colours that you see all around you. The clothes, houses, streets and just everything about Mexico screams colours and it is something that really stands out. I love the fact that when this is mixed with great weather you can’t help but smile and I think that this is one of the reasons that people are so happy here!

The Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is an incredibly moving religious celebration in Mexico, where the people celebrate the lives of those who have passed. People join together and visit cemeteries and light candles, give offerings and pray. This is an incredible experience and is unlike any other religious celebration that I have seen anywhere else in the world. One of the most iconic symbols of this celebration are the colourfully painted skulls that are usually made of ceramic. This symbol has become world famous and if you are lucky enough to visit during this festival you should definitely take one of these home as a souvenir.

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