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Serolsar Lake Trek: A Quick Detour from Jalori Pass

Last year I walked from Shoja to Jalori and also ventured a bit towards Raghupur Garh. Due to too much walking I did not have time to cover Serolsar Lake (Also spelled Seruvalsar or Sirol Sar). Actually the “Sar” suffix indicates a water body so saying lake is redundant. So, as I was passing through the region again, I decided to pause for a day at Shoja and visit Serolsar Lake.

Shoja as usual was beginning to get covered with purple Iris blossoms. But this time I opted for the bus and quickly reached Jalori Pass in the morning. The previous day was a rainy one but that was a fine morning. The peaks of Kinnaur were clearly visible in the horizon. The dhabas at the pass had just opened. I decided not to waste too much time and quickly started the hike. As a matter of fact, it is not much of a hike. It is 5-6 kilometres but is not a continuous ascent. The initial stretch is straight, then it actually goes down, and then picks up again. Over, it did not take much work and I reached the lake in slightly more than an hour after passing by a thick stretch of jungles, fellow hikers, goats, and sheep.

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Although everyone calls it a lake, it is more of a pond, with a temple overlooking it and also with a few small eateries leading to it. The temple is dedicated the Mata Budhi Naagin (Literally… Mother Old Serpent). As per local lore, she is the mother of all Nag Devtas (such as Kamru Nag). I have seen more exotic high-altitude lakes. But on a clear day, the transparent water and vibrant reflections did offer some decent frames. I talked to a few locals. apparently one can go further from here and there are routes connecting to Bashleo Pass that I had visited before.

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The Trek did not last long to be honest. So, in an effort to make it longer, I tried to find a different path for return. I entered the jungles but started walking parallel to the main trail. Initially, it was rewarding as I came across a couple of other hidden lakes or rather puddles just behind the main lake.

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However, after a while, I entered denser jungles and could no longer locate the trail. I could have at sounds from the main trail through the jungle but there are as visible route. I did not want to go back to the lake so I started descending sideways in an effort to reach the main trail. After a while, it was no longer possible to just walk and I had to use my hands too. Without getting into the embarrassing details, I can say that it took around d half an hour to cover that 100-meter descent and reach the main trail again.

The day ended with some good food at one of the Jalori dhabas. I have made more rewarding walks but it was an unfinished business from last year and now I have managed to complete it.

Serolsar/Seruvalsar Lake Travel Guide

How to reach Serolsar Lake?

It is an easy trek/walk from the Jalori Pass. You will see the signboards pointing towards the route. You will get buses to Jalori from Jibhi or Banjar.

How long is the trek and how long it takes?

The trek is around 5-6 KMs from Jalori Pass and it is an easy ascent that takes around 2 hours to reach.

How difficult is the gradient of the trek?

It is actually pretty easy. The walk is almost straight for a while, with a few ups and downs in between. Just before the lake, you have bit of an ascent. The lake is situated at an elevation of 3100 meters.

Seasons for Serolsar Trek?

It can be done throughout the year but do note that it snows in the winter and everything turns white. So, be prepared for that.

Food near the lake?

Apart from the food stalls at Jalori, there are a few stalls just near the lake. However, I got them in summer and they may not be there during harsh seasons.

Stay near Serolsar Lake?

There is a campsite or two near Jalori Pass. Otherwise, you can always stay at one of the places in like Jibhi or Shoja.

Phone and data Connectivity?

Till Jalori everything works. It may intermittently work during the trek too.

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