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Weekend Adventures for Single Parents

Are you a single parent trying to take your kiddo on a vacation that won’t break the bank? If yes, you might have a few things that are a must-have, such as daycare facilities, kid-friendly attractions, sports for adolescents and younger children, and time for you to unwind and decompress. 

A few phrases are more annoying when traveling than “single supplement.” Planning family trips for a single mom or dad involves more than just the annoying supplement. Additionally, you could miss out on complimentary meals and persist in any or all of your children since you need more paying adults. These are the top 5 weekend Caribbean adventures for single parents. 

  1. Sunset cruises in Saint Lucia

It’s a blissful blending of ocean and land. Most beaches are lovely for single individuals with kids because they have serene surf and plenty of room for sprawling out, but there are also many things to do on land. 

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Sandy Sanctuaries, the all-inclusive Windjammer Landing Resort in Castries, was transformed into a kid’s paradise by two kiddie pools, a drop-off center for kids aged 4 to 12, babysitter services, and activities like coconut bowling and kite flying (for them). For you, there is a short cruise for a couple of days and tennis classes. 

  1. Diving and snorkeling in Curacao

Because of its superb diving and snorkeling, Curacao has long been a popular island getaway in the southern Caribbean location. The barrier reef and its surroundings offer plenty of chances for adrenaline junkies to put their endurance to the test. 

For its submerged enchantments, Curacao has won widespread praise. Divers and snorkelers throng to this area to discover the vibrant reefs and the aquatic life of all different hues.

  1. Stingray City adventure in Cayman Island
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Travelers looking for adventure, serenity, and single parents continue to adore the picturesque Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. At Seven Mile Beach, people of all ages can soak up the sun, construct sandy forts and hang around in the Caribbean Sea. At Stingray City, people can swim with stingrays in shallow depths. Visit the Cayman Turtle Centre to engage with turtles of all kinds and to get up near and personal with additional marine life.

  1. Harbor safaris in the Bahamas

Embark on sailing for an exciting Bahamas adventure! Go on a harbor tour with your child, see the swimming pigs in Exuma, or venture on a business cruise to the horizon. Pigs are peaceful animals.   

  1. Kayaking in Vieques, Puerto Rico

In Vieques, both during the day and at night, kayaking has grown to be one of the most prevalent water adventure activities for single parents with children.

Kayaking through mangrove waterways, exploring offshore cays, and reaching remote snorkeling locations only accessible by kayak are activities people of every fitness level can take advantage of. Glide over the Bioluminescent Bay’s sparkling waters at night while admiring the starry sky.

Caribbean islands are the best weekend getaways for single parents and kids. So, choose any location and adventure according to your and your kid’s preference, and create memories! 

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