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Ways to Save on Leiebil or Car Rental on your Next Vacation

Renting a car is more convenient, especially if you’re going on a vacation in a foreign country. The process will usually take the hassles and bane of any trip, whether locally or internationally. For some people who choose to book car rentals when they arrive at the airport, the process is usually as follows: They get off the plane with jet lags and spinning heads. They are tired and sweaty at this point, but they still need to ride the airport shuttle up to the nearest leiebil depot and wait for at least an hour in the queue to pick up a car. This process is worse, especially if you didn’t book online.

If this is you, you might have signed the paperwork when it’s your turn and confirmed that you have insurance coverage that applies in the particular country you’re in. You might also find that there are other extra costs and daily fees that are higher than what’s posted on the website.

The agent may say, “it’s all because of the insurance,” and you’re cringing at the same time. However, they still say that this is the best option and you’d better be “safe than sorry,” and you’re forced to agree. You can rent a car in Iceland or India, you have to alway keep this thing in mind.

Regardless of if you agree to this platitude in the first place, you might want to wonder whether you’re getting ripped in the first place. You might want to know about how you can save more money when it comes to gas and mileage. Fortunately, there is, and with sites like, you can choose a car that will cater to your needs while you’re in another country and save money at the same time. You might want to take advantage of price comparisons and calculators when it comes to these kinds of services.

How to Save Money on a Car Rental?

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  1. Book the Ride Months Before the Actual Trip

If you’re going to travel to a particular country during a peak season, you might want to make allowances for a few months or weeks before you make the booking. This is your chance of getting an automatic vehicle that’s going to be waiting for you when you step out of the plane.

As you’re getting closer to the peak season, know that the rental companies are going to charge higher, and you might not be able to reserve the vehicle of your choice. Check early on, compare prices, and ensure that you’re getting an excellent price.

Saving money might mean that you may also need to install cashback extensions on your browser. This is where apps will scour the internet for active coupon codes that will give you more discounts and rebates when your booking goes through. It doesn’t also hurt to search the other websites for discount codes that you can use for a particular country and car company.

  1. Avoid the Airport Booths as Much as Possible

If possible, avoid the ones at the airports because these booths usually charge higher than the ones outside. Renting at the airport may be convenient, but it will come with added fees, taxes, and surcharges in many popular cities. Most of them grab revenue whenever they can, and they will just say that this is part of the tourism tax when it’s actually not.

However, if you can afford it, then go for it by all means. It’s just helpful to know that the costs can go up from 10 to 25% of what you should have been paying online. Some may add an extra $100 tacked on as other fees, which is $40 to $50 more than what you’re going to get if you go to companies outside the airport.

Some have saved money by taking Lyft or Uber to take them to a rental depot from the airport. Things came out well, and these customers were not rushed by an influx of travelers who had just deplaned and were also looking for a vehicle rental service. At the metro, customers might also be able to get discounts and an excellent rate overall than at the airport.

  1. Credit Cards that Include Insurance are Helpful

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One of the highest costs you may encounter in another place is insurance. You might not have any auto insurance if you’re not a driver at home. The first thing some agents will do is sign you up for a collision damage waiver. This is a coverage that will reimburse the rental company for any costs that they will pay for any damage done to a car. This is in cases of accidents while the vehicle is driven by one of their clients.

Even if you have your very own auto insurance, this is still something that you may want to consider. This is because you will still have to pay for the deductible if you have been into an accident. This accident will also be a reason for many shady companies to charge you higher if you don’t have the collision damage waiver.

One of the things that will work favorably for you is the insurance you get when you have an eligible credit card with you. This is one of the perks that you’ll get, especially if you’ve been a long-time customer of your bank. However, the caveat in this situation is that you need to pay a hundred percent of the price of your rental on that specific credit card.

Check with your bank if you have this perk and understand your coverage better. There’s also liability insurance that’s not usually included in these cards, so you might want to add them before going on a trip. Another way to drastically reduce the fees is to get insurance outside of the rental company.

Some companies offer as low as $6 a day offer comprehensive coverage for the driver and the vehicle. There are also a lot of alternatives on the internet if you don’t have this perk and advantage on your credit card.

  1. Plugin on your AAA, Costco, and Other Kinds of Membership

One of the perks of being a member of BJ’s Wholesale, AAA, Costco, and others is that they usually partner with major companies that provide you with vehicle rental services within their networks.

Try to get saving hacks like the ones that Costco is offering. After just about two or three rentals, you’ll realize that the membership has paid for itself when you’ve saved enough money and cashback via their programs and travel platforms. Adding another driver for free is just one of the benefits, and this is an extra savings of about $14 per day.

The insurance on car rentals is often typical in unions and trade associations. If you have a lot of industry affiliations, these are worth checking, and this is the same case with an AAA. Auto club memberships may even save you more than 15% on one-way services. A single booking alone may have already paid for the annual membership with these credit unions. Fee waivers are also worth checking.

  1. Make Bookings on Platforms that Offer Discounts

Some of the affiliated websites are going to offer you discounts so you’ll choose them over their competitors. The competition is fierce, and you can always shop around and compare prices.

These web pages are easy to use. You just key in your destination, the kind of car that you need, and when you need them. Some have a space where you can key in your membership code at AAA or Costco, and they will automatically search for online coupons that will help you save more. Some are making real-time price comparisons, and others may offer future forecasts, especially if you want to make the booking three weeks later.

  1. Do the Homework with Bundles and Deals

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Bundles for hotels and other packages with your airfare are specially designed to help you save some bucks. However, you may realize that the car rental aspect will cost more if you’re making the booking with a different company.

The term “free car” is not something you should take at face value. You may often discover that they are only available for two or three days. The mileage and the extra days you’re requesting may cost more, which will overshadow the $0 offer. This may not be the best option if you’re going to keep the car longer than a week.

  1. Pre-Payments and Cancellation Fees

Prepaying the money will be one of the most expensive decisions you will make. This is similar to hotels that may not have any refunds when you decide to cancel at the last minute because something came up. These are also the cases on flights where the dates, flight times, and planes may change without prior notice. Even if you have an illness and need to cancel, you might not be allowed to get a refund, resulting in modifications or the need to cancel.

The cancellation fees may be $40 or more. The amount will be doubled if you decide to let the company know at the last minute or decide not to go through with everything within 24 hours of the agreed pick-up time. If you’re making the prepaying option, you should be sure of your plans and ensure that you won’t cancel to save more.

  1. Take Pics Especially if there are Damages

Dents may be expected, and this might be the fault of the previous clients. You need to take note of existing scratches, dents, and other cosmetic flaws and include them in the documentation. This is to avoid getting charged about some things that are not your fault and letting the company know that these things are already present before you’ve driven the car out of their lot. They might pin you on this later, so it’s best to take pictures and do a thorough inspection.

Use your phone or camera to take pictures of any interior anomalies. These include dings and suspicious dents located in the most unlikely places. This proof should have a date and time stamp so you can deny any charges or allegations after you’ve returned the car.

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