The most expensive resorts in the world

Every year the number of millionaires in the world increases by 8-10%. There are more millionaires and billionaires due to the increase in the value of securities, cryptocurrencies, real estate, non-fungible NFT tokens, and other assets. According to The Global Wealth Report, prepared by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse in 2021, the number of owners of a fortune of one million dollars worldwide exceeded 56 million people. The emergence of a large number of wealthy people has caused an increase in demand for expensive cars and motorcycles, yachts, precious stones and metals, rare coins, art, and other alternative assets. At the same time, the demand for exclusive vacations is also growing, the organization of which has become a profitable business in itself. We present to your attention a list of the most expensive vacation spots as of 2022.

1. Calivigny Island, from $132,000 per night

A private island in the Caribbean near the state of Grenada. Owned by French entrepreneur, founder of Transiciel, Georges Cohen. The island was purchased by Cohen in 2000 for nearly $100 million as a gift to his wife. The area of ​​Calivigny Island is 30 hectares. There are six white-sand beaches, two Balinese and French colonial-style residences, and three custom-designed luxurious cottages. The island can accommodate up to 50 guests. They have a small fleet of yachts and boats, a staff of 120, and plenty of entertainment. Guests are served by Michelin-starred chefs, sports coaches, and experts in a variety of wellness practices such as yoga. It is noteworthy that the number of guests does not affect the cost of accommodation, which currently stands at $132,000 per day. For this money can rest from one to forty people. Rooms for another ten people are either already booked or are at the disposal of the resort’s owner’s family. So, Melinda Gates lived here with her children after her divorce from Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

2. Musha Cay Island from $50,000 per night

Part of the Bahamas archipelago and owned by the famous illusionist David Copperfield. It has five villas that can accommodate up to 24 people. In addition to Musha Cay, the resort includes ten more islands, which are also the property of a magician. It offers 40 beaches, yachts, boats, and all kinds of water activities. Serving vacationers 30 employees. Among other things, a guest office with a full range of services has been built on the island. That is why large corporations choose Musha Cay as a place for brainstorming and strategic planning. Until December 19, 2022, the cost of accommodating a group of one to twelve people is $50,000 per day.

3. Isla Sa Ferradura, from $262,500 per week

Resort on a private island in the Gulf of San Miguel (Mediterranean Sea). Nearby is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe – the island of Ibiza, with which Ferradura is connected by a sandy isthmus. The swimming season lasts from April to October. Although the local hotel is designed for 16 people, Ferradura is rightfully considered a full-fledged resort. In addition to magnificent views and the warm sea, guests can expect a full range of entertainment, including SPA, solarium, surfing, diving, and water skiing. The area of ​​the island is 3.5 hectares, of which 1.2 hectares is occupied by a landscaped garden. At the disposal of vacationers are a villa with a gym, SPA zone, and two swimming pools. It took more than ten years to build and equip the resort. The hotel complex is served by a staff of 24 people, including a chef with experience in Michelin-starred restaurants. A weekly rental of a villa in the low season costs 262.5 thousand dollars, and in the high season – 315 thousand dollars. It is noteworthy that a few years ago the price started from 160 thousand dollars. Not only can travelers enjoy the resort, but they can island hop to Ibiza. There, they can hire a boat in Ibiza and sail around the Mediterranean Sea like a VIP.

4. Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve, from $8,000 per night

A small resort located in South Africa on the territory of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve next to the Kruger National Park. Belongs to the category of safari camping. It is aimed at lovers of relaxation surrounded by the pristine nature of the African savannah. In addition to cheetahs, all five representatives of the “African Big Five” are found here: elephant, lion, leopard, African buffalo, and rhinoceros. Accompanied by experienced instructors, Cheetah Plains guests make excursions on Land Cruiser electric safari cars. You can also go on a walk through the bush with a guide-interpreter. The resort has several villas. Their architecture is a combination of African safari-style minimalism and contemporary modernism. Mostly local materials were used in the construction. The territory of the complex is fenced with a reliable stone fence. Currently, the cost of renting a villa for four guests in Cheetah Plains is from 8 thousand dollars per day.

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