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Top Reasons Why You Have to Visit Canada this 2019

Canada is unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is gifted with its unique natural beauty and acts as the home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But are these enough reasons to visit Canada? Here are some more reasons to further convince you of making Canada as your next travel …

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What Makes Goa Special?

As often as Goa is recommended and singled out these days though, the recommendations are often somewhat short on details. Much of the time, Goa is simply described as a nice coastal destination and left at that. So, for those who might wonder what exactly makes Goa a special place to visit, we’re highlighting some of the defining features.


7 Tips for Driving Your Car Through Waterlogged City Roads In The Monsoons

Poor visibility, flooding, potholes and waterlogged roads are part and parcel of the constant rain that makes driving on the busy roads a daunting experience. Not all drive the huge SUVs, which can pass through the waterlogged roads with ease. Hence, it becomes crucial to drive with extra care during the waterlogged areas of busy roads during monsoon.