Exciting Places to Visit When you Plan a Russia Trip

Russia is the most beautiful and the largest country in the world. If you’re planning your trip to Russia then, you might be wondering about the list of places to visit, and also make sure to obtain the Russian visa first. Here are a few offbeat and distant places beyond the popular cities of Russia that you may want to consider of you like some extreme adventure and a seeker of natural wonders.

Lake Baikal

To begin with, if you’re planning to visit Russia then, Lake Baikal is one such destination that you shouldn’t miss. It is the cleanest lake in the whole world. In addition, Lake Baikal is also the deepest and the largest lake with a 1642m of depth.

This lake has fresh water and twenty percentages of the world’s freshwater are in this lake. It is henceforth an adventure to visit this beautiful lake that has a temperature of around sixteen degrees Celsius. So, try to include Lake Baikal in your travelling list to fill your trip with a lot of adventure. But, ensure to organize the Russian visa to enjoy visiting those places.

Russian Tundra

In addition, the Russian tundra is another place that you can explore when you visit Russia. You might be wondering what Tundra refers to. Well, Tundra is a type of vegetation that grows in a cold environment. The trees in the cold atmosphere don’t grow well and hence they this vegetation contains mostly shrubs, mosses, and grasses.

The most popular part of this region is the animals such as polar bears. Interestingly, you will not just get to see the tundra views but also the northern lights. What can be more exciting to watch than the northern lights or also known as aurora?

Olkhon Island

Moreover, you can also visit Olkhon Island when you plan your visit to Russia. You will also be able to meet the local indigenous people of that region. These are tribes of the Island named Mongolic or local Buryats. Olkhon Island is the largest lake island in the entire world.

People from all corners of the world come to visit this place as it has a beautiful scenic beauty. Most importantly, this island is popular for its walking trees. This is a unique phenomenon that happens in this region with the strong winds that uncover the roots of the trees making it appear like a human being.


Anapa is another location that you should never miss to go if you’re planning a trip to Russia. This is because it offers great scenic beauty to the individuals visiting the place. It is a beach where you can visit along with your partner or with a group of friends to have fun and joy.

More importantly, if you love clicking photographs then, this is the right destination where you will get a lot of views to capture. Along with the coastal attraction that you get, you will also be able to visit the Anapa museum that is near to this beach.

Altay Mountains

Altay is one of the most popular mountain destinations that you should indeed include in your list. It is a great destination that is surrounded by the Altay Mountains. If you wish to explore the Russian traditional; culture then, you should visit this region.

You will find the traditional outfits worn by people. You should plan to visit this place, especially during the festivals. The vibe is completely different when you visit this place during the festivities. You will not just be able to know their culture but also be able to enjoy with them wearing their traditional outfits and rat the authentic Russian food.

These were a few of the places that you should include in your list when you’re planning to visit Russia. If you don’t visit these places then, your trip to Russia is worthless. These are among the top tourist destinations every tourist in Russia does visit. But, ensure to plan your trip prior so that you don’t face any complications when you come to Russia. Ensure to exchange the currency and organize your visa much before the time for a smooth trip to Russia.

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