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Bashleo Pass Trek: Towards Summer Snow

UPDATE: Now read my complete GHNP Guide here.

The Bashleo Pass Trek was one of the primary objectives of this foray into the ecozone of the Great Himalayan National Park along with Shangarh. In between, I ended up doing other things but time had now come for the actual trek. I started along with Travelshoebum from Thewaramji’s homestay (also mentioned in the previous post), after having a quick breakfast and with some Bar One chocolates as a ration for the rest of the day. The trek starts right from the village. The route is well marked and there is an official board that psychologically prepares one for a 10 KM hike to the 3300-meter high pass.

Bashleo 2

We initially walked fast, passing by scattered homes, small terraces of wheat, apple orchards, and getting a better view of Bathad village from a higher altitude. After a while, it got a bit tiresome but then we saw some school kids coming down. They live somewhere up in the hills and trek every day just to reach school. This made us push harder and soon we passed the inhabited stretches and entered the jungle.

Bashleo 3

Bashleo 6

Bashleo 7

Bashleo 8

Although it was a sunny day, the thick canopy of the jungle was filtering the light, turning the path into a resplendent green tunnel. It took around an hour to finally rise above the forest and arrive at a open meadow but I could see more jungles in front of us. However, there was a distinct change in the nature of vegetation at this point. Instead of green, the trees are now full with leaves displaying various shades of yellow and orange. Such autumnal colours were not what I expected but I guess I’d underestimated the late spring.

Bashleo 9

Bashleo 10

Bashleo 17

Bashleo 21

The top of the Bashleo pass was still a bit far away and we soon entered another jungle stretch. It was getting colder and I could feel that we had gained significant altitude by then. After another half an hour of hike, we overcame the jungle again and arrived at an open, flowery meadow dotted with yellow blossoms and patches of fresh, pristine snow. For someone escaping the furnace of the plains, it was the sight worth all the effort.

Bashleo 26

One can cross this pass and reach the village of Kullu Sarahan. However, we had based ourselves in Bathad and we would have had to come back to pick our luggage again. So, we reluctantly decided not to cross over to the other side and just decided to rest for a while at the top. Although it was still sunny, sharp, chilly wind was making it difficult to stay at the top. As a result, we did not really last long out there and after taking a few photographs of the snowy peaks, decided to start our return.

Bashleo 34

We had not seen another human being till that point but as it turned out, several locals were following us. The first one was a local woman with her kids, all with exotic hazel-colored eyes. She told us about some temple nearby but we had already made up our mind to return and did not want to climb back. She was crossing the pass to meet her relatives in Kullu Sarahan.


The next bunch of people were no ordinary people but the orchestra of the Devta of Kullu Sarahan, followed by the Devta himself, carried by a lucky servant of the deity. Apparently, the deity was making a round of the other villages and now going back to his place across the pass. They rested at the top for a while, happily posed for photographs and demonstrated some of their instruments.

Bashleo 37

Bashleo 40

Bashleo 36 1

Bashleo 46

The return was event-less after that. But with the trek done and no pressure to speed up, we had to time to observe the jungles and the plants more attentively. There were large mushrooms, moss-covered rocks, and scores of unknown creepers that should keep a botanist busy for a while. As for myself, the most camera-friendly were the primulas growing all over the ground.

Bashleo 32

We returned back to Bathad with enough time at hand. The refreshments were served by Thewaramji and I think here I should say a bit more about him. We spent two days in his newly built pinewood house and a lot of work seemed to have gone in the decor although not all the rooms have been completed yet. Those two were some of my least expensive but coziest days during my travels so far.

Bashleo 47

Bashleo Pass Travel Guide

Where exactly is Bashleo Pass?

Bashleo Pass is located in the Falachan Valley, which is a sub valley of Tirthan Valley in the eco-zone of the Great Himalayan National Park. It is a part of Kullu district. The pass connects Batahad or Bathad village to Kullu Sarahan on the other side.

How to Reach Bashleo Pass?

The trek starts from Batahad village which is around 10 KMs ahead of Gushaini. The full route will be Delhi-Chandigarh-Mandi-Aut Tunnel- Banjar-Gushaini-Batahad

The good news is that regular HRTC buses are available throughout the day to Batahad. If you do not see them in Aut, then reach Banjar and check.

How long is Bashleo Pass Trek?

The distance from Batahad to Bashleo Pass Top is around 10 KMs and takes 4-5 Hrs. You can go down on the other side to reach Kullu Sarahan.

Where to Stay in Batahad?

There are homestays in Batahad where I stay regularly.

Jitaditya Narzary

18 thoughts on “Bashleo Pass Trek: Towards Summer Snow”

  1. These are some really beautiful impressions here, some even almost look like paintings.
    This reminds me also a lot to landscapes here in Switzerland with these beautiful mountains. Great impressions, hopefully I will see this amazing place one day with my own eyes.

  2. Wow this looks like the perfect place to hike. Those views are out of this world. It reminded me some landscapes of Switzerland. So pretty!

  3. those views at the top are amazing. and good thinking not spending too much time there with the wind and the cold. It can be pretty dangerous staying at a summit with high winds. better safe than sorry

  4. What a beautiful trek! Mountain with the snow on it makes it look amazing! Would love to go to a trek like this very soon to relax and disconnect a bit.

  5. Soraya @ Hello Raya

    The trek looks absolutely incredible! The greenery and the views – wow! A 10 KM hike to the 3300 meter high pass sounds big! I better get training for something like this, but it truly seems worth the hike. And the weather seemed so nice – kind of reminds me of trekking in Europe…especially Switzerland!

  6. The landscape is incredible, I’m loving the snow capped mountains. Your photography is wonderful. This definitely is worth the effort to get there.

  7. Another amazing hike! I love seeing where you’ll wander to next. Would you say this is an medium level hike?

      1. Thank you for a beautiful write up. I was thinking of doing the same trek in end of April/May.
        Curious as to the which part of May you made the trip in? I would have thought the snows would have melted by then. I am hoping to spot some too 🙂

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  9. David Koelle

    Amazing loved your write-up and photos. I did a related trek in late March 2013 starting from Jalori Jot along the ridgecrest, a few days to Kullu Sarahan, and then finally across the pass to Bathad to finish. Blooming rhododendrons, ridge-top snow, and friendly villages in transition with new roads, cell towers, electrification and all. Cheers, david


    Beautiful pics with superb description Jitaditya. Really took me to the excellent way in which Panelope Chetwode has penned her 1964 climb to the top of Bashleo Pass and then down to the Sutlej Valley in her masterpiece … Kulu – The End of The Habitable World.

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