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An Essential Guide To Buying Leather Bags For Business Travelers 

Business trips can be overwhelming, especially if you carry the tools and documents you need for work. But having the right bag can make your travel experience better. A leather bag is best to use for business travel purposes.  

Genuine leather can last for a long time. If you provide proper care and maintenance, it can last longer than most other bags. Most leather bags are comfortable to carry because they’re soft and supple. They’re ideal for carrying when you travel. Plus, they can keep your office essentials, such as laptops, notepads, pens, and documents, in one place. 

Here are some options for leather bags you can use for business trips:



No.1 Briefcase from Von Baer

The No.1 briefcase from Von Baer is very professional. A good briefcase commands stature, enhancing your confidence in business conferences and meetings. It also creates a great impression in the workplace and on business trips. 

Also, it’s convenient since most briefcases have compartments. Most have pockets for your pens or sections to keep your notes or wallet in place. You can organize your things inside, helping you find anything quicker. 

  • Leather Backpack 

Another bag to consider for your business trip is the leather backpack. And although one of the ancient bag types, it’s still popular among travelers today. A leather backpack is fashionable and classy. Its free-hand design provides flexibility, making it an ideal choice for traveling.  

You can use these bags for your weekend, camping, or business trips. Find one that’s suitable for your personality.  

  • Leather Duffel Bag

Consider a leather duffel bag if you’re looking for a travel bag with ample space. It’s ideal, especially if you’re taking a business trip for a few days. It can store everything you need for your business trip. These include laptops, documents, clothes, and other personal belongings. If you want to find the best bag for travel, consider overnight bags or similar ones.  

Choosing The Right Leather Bag For A Business Traveler 

If you’re a business traveler, investing in the most suitable leather bag is best. It adds class and sophistication to any outfit. Imagine a perfume that doesn’t suit your personality. It bothers you every time you wear it. The same goes for leather bags. However, deciding which is right for you can be challenging with so many choices on the market. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right leather bag for you:

  1. Consider The Source

You can’t ignore the country of origin of a travel leather bag when shopping for one. In most cases, the country of origin determines the quality of the leather. If quality is one of your most significant considerations, it’s best to research the source of the leather before purchasing.

There are several countries known to produce quality leather. These include Italy, the US, France, and England. But you need to be careful when determining the origin of the leather of your preferred business travel bag. 

Some manufacturers do all the work elsewhere and market their leather bags differently. So, if you’re not careful, you might be doomed to think that the leather originated from one of the mentioned countries. Trust a company with an excellent reputation. 

  1. Choose The Right Color 

The four common leather bag colors for business travelers are black, dark brown, light brown, and tan. The selection of the color will primarily depend on the work environment. For instance, black and dark brown colors could be ideal to look more professional. You can also choose bright colors if they suit your personality.

On the other hand, light brown and tan are best for relaxed working environments. Meanwhile, it helps to avoid bags with more than two bright colors. Such a bag can be flashy, which isn’t good for your professional image.  

  1. Compare Prices

Comparing the prices of the various business travel bags can help you select the right one. Always go for a product that accommodates your budget. Remember that price doesn’t always reflect the quality of a leather bag. 

Some sellers charge more money to make customers believe they produce good leather bags, which isn’t sometimes the case. Instead of concentrating on price, work towards finding a quality travel bag. This way, it can serve you for a long time.  


If it’s your first time traveling for a business trip, choosing which bag to buy can be daunting. The right one should allow you to pack everything you need for the journey. The type, country of origin, color, and price are important factors when buying a leather bag for business travel. 

Jitaditya Narzary

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