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Fun Things to Do in Little Rock in the Fall 

There are those that love when the air starts to get a little cold again, and those who will always want a few more weeks of summer. Whichever camp you see yourself in, you know how important it is to still make the most of your time before the winter really sets in. That’s what makes Fall so important.

It’s the annual reminder that we’re going to spend the next few months mostly indoors. How exciting that is depends on how much you love being inside. Maybe you are finally finished looking at Little Rock Houses for Sale.

That might even turn this Fall into the best time of your year. As much as you’ll love making that house into a home, you’ll still need a break. When the time finally comes, here’s a few great things to do as the weather gets colder.

Stroll The Big Dam Bridge

As it starts to get cold, you’ll be reminded more and more each day that you need to get all the time outside that you can. When in Little Rock, there’s nowhere better to do that than the Big Dam Bridge. The place is more than just a funny name, it’s also one of the best ways to experience the Arkansas river.

The bridge itself goes right across it, allowing its guests a way to really take in the river itself and the nature surrounding it. It’s open to both walking pedestrians and cyclists so you’ll be able to spend those beautiful crisp fall days being active no matter how you love to do so.

Museum Of Discovery

If you and the kids are done being outside as soon as it’s cold enough for a hoodie or a light jacket, here’s where you’ll want to take them. The Museum of Discovery is the perfect indoor place for you and the family to spend a weekend afternoon. And no matter what the kids might be interested in, from dinosaurs to anatomy, they’ll find plenty to love here.If there aren’t any kids in your life, don’t feel like you can’t have fun here. A place like this can be the perfect date for when you are still getting to know one another, and you want to see what each other are passionate about.

River Market

If that new house in Little Rock sounds like your situation, and it is also your first time living in the area, River Market is somewhere you’ll want to get very familiar with. As the weather starts to get questionable, this will be the perfect place to explore. If on your first few visits it seems like River Market has it all, that just means you’re catching on quickly.

There are plenty of vendors to get any food you might be craving, so do not think you can go once and be done. Another reason he’ll want to return time and time again is all the events that are held at the River market. From jazz nights to the Arkansas Literary Festival, which happens in October, there’s always something you’ll want to see here.

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