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Are you a photoholic dreaming to become famous with your photographs? Then why don’t you book a flight to Charleston and look for some of the best instagrammable places in Charleston to make your dream a reality?

From historic charms to gorgeous views of lush greenery and oceanic views, Charleston is more than taking just pictures. You can stroll daily to experience a beautiful adventure one day and perfect the next.

But do you know? Many consider Charleston in South Carolina the most sought-after photogenic place among many countries in the US. Trust me. If you just step on the shores of Charleston, you will experience landing in a different place unimagined by your dreams. 

Since there are many photogenic places inside this gem city in the US, I’ve curated some exclusive places for you to have fun exploring the city through this blog!

10 Eccentric spots in Charleston your lens must capture!

Here are some exclusive gorgeous locations that are the most instagrammable places in Charleston, sc. Continue exploring!

  • Rainbow Row

The top and most sought-after instagrammable spots in Charleston are where you can fulfill your ambitions with a camera. Moreover, if you want a colorful snap, reach there early morning or late afternoon to get the perfect shot. The place consists of 13 rowed historic houses painted in rainbow colors in the 20th-century restoration project. 

  • Pineapple fountain

Sounds intriguing, right? This is an excellent spot for adding details to your photograph. The pineapple fountain is found in the middle of Waterfront Park. It is believed to symbolize the hospitality of Southerners. Also, it’s an iconic spot for many visitors and locals. You can get the best shot in the morning with fewer crowds and relax to enjoy the view.

  • The Battery

Want to take a shot at the popular tourist spot? Then The Battery is your next stop. This historic defensive sea wall was built at the Cooper and Ashley River intersection. As a result, the name gets derived from the civil war artillery battery.

Alongside, you get a great view of the harbor and Fort Sumter nearby. Stroll through, click some unique photos, and sky-hit your likes on Instagram. 

  • Folly beach 

Looking to capture some relaxing photos from the seaside? Drive to Folly beach, a few paces from downtown Charleston. This is an excellent place to do all beach activities, from surfing to building sandcastles. Correspondingly, the enticing sunny backdrop and delectable restaurants plan for a family shoot to carry a soothing memory!

  • Angel oak tree

Did you know? Charleston has a 400-year-old that’s 60 feet tall in Johns Island! It’s time you get a glimpse of such an old and unique tree with long branches. How proud to be standing beside such a tree and clicking a photo? Wouldn’t it be amazing? You can take a brilliant panoramic shot of the tree to make every insta profile hit a like for you!

  • Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Want to take a breathtaking shot of the city? Go to the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge that proudly stands on the copper river. Also, the bridge itself has a unique construction that is worth capturing with every lens. However, to take the best shot, go at sunset or during Charleston’s famous thunderstorms.

  • The Darling Oyster bar

Yet another staple and also most instagrammable restaurant in Charleston. The place is known for the exceptional oyster shells that are lens friendly. Additionally, the brick walls, decorated interiors, and hanging plants together illuminate the appetite and give life to the captured photos. Nevertheless, this is the coolest place to make Instagram users get transported through the pictures to the bar!

  • St. Philip’s Church

Want a religious touch to your photographs? Then visit this church on your trip to Charleston! This is a famous spot for visitors to take photos and enjoy the scene. Outwardly the church has a beautiful view, especially early in the morning, from every angle. However, if you want to capture it at night, the church has its lights to illuminate the building. 

  • St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

Next to Philip’s Church, the St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church stands for its beauty and intricate architecture. It stands majestically on Broad Street and is excellent for taking photos, especially in the evening. Also, the attractive red door of the church is the best spot to take memorable and luring photos. 

  • S Adger’s Wharf

This is the perfect place for taking some photos of peak cuteness! It is a street with a row of lovely houses that attract photogenic individuals. From here, the cobblestone street and picturesque harbor view add more detail to your photographs. Keep your cameras awake here so that you don’t miss any angle!

Now it’s your turn…

We’ve come to the end of touring Charleston’s instagrammable spots! But, if you get a chance to visit this place for your next vacation, take some mesmerizing photographs! 

PC: Leonel Heisenberg/Unsplash

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