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Unusual Attractions in Florida Draw Quite the Crowd

No matter who you are, there is going to be a time in life where you are going to want to travel the world. There’s just something about traveling that opens up the eyes of us all. It’s a chance to get to see something different, or even something that doesn’t add up. When it comes to tourist attractions you are to wonder what makes them so popular. Well for the known attractions that are big, the answers are pretty obvious. You have those that are defined by superlatives, have heavy promoters behind them, or it could be a huge deal to the area. Although, some of the best attractions are the unusual ones. The attractions that don’t really add up but are super interesting at the same time.

So many locations have some incredible offbeat attractions that people love seeing. Florida has quite the number of offbeat attractions to look into. Not to mention that it is a beautiful place to take a vacation. Now depending on where you live now, you may need a passport to get there. A passport office is where you need to go before making any plans. There’s even a passport office tampa if you are looking to get a passport all together for future plans.

Even the most unusual discoveries just can’t be left alone, you are going to want to make sure you get the chance to see them. The popularity of many strange and unexpected attractions predates the rise of different promotion. When it comes to some of the ones in Florida, I can assure you that you don’t want to miss seeing some of them.

Komodo Dragon Sculpture

There are several bronze sculptures by native Tallahassee, and people love seeing them. One of the most well-known of these unique statues is the Komodo dragon. Komodo’s are native to Indonesia, but seeing a statue of one in Florida really throws you in a loop. That’s the beauty of it being an attraction that doesn’t make any sense.

Solomon’s Castle

If you ask me, seeing a castle anywhere that doesn’t seem logically correct is incredible. There are a lot of people who love getting the chance to explore a real castle. Now if you haven’t heard of Solomon’s Castle, you are surely missing out on something special. This incredible attraction is located about 40 miles east of Sarasota. History says that sculptor Howard Solomon began building 1972 the moment he returned from the Bahamas. Getting a picture of this special attraction would make a very great addition to your photo collection.

The Headless Dinosaur

In 1964, the wife of August Herwede died, so he began building concrete animals all around his home. Herwede built an elephant, wooly mammoth, a pair of lions and fighting dinosaurs, among other creatures. History says that in 1967, he was working on one of his biggest creations (a brontosaurus) but fell off the scaffolding and broke his legs. August was never able to finish because he died a few months late. You can see where the dinosaur stands along State Road 476 between Lake Lindsey and Nobleton in Hernando County. It’s not every day you get the chance to see a headless dinosaur.

Seeing something that’s unusual is one thing, but an unusual attraction is incredible. Imagine explaining one of those photos to the kids, it’d be a great story to tell. The world is full of new things to see both normal and not normal. If you plan on traveling anywhere, always look for something different. You can even look up where offbeat attractions would be depending on where you are traveling. Trust me, there will always be something interesting to see whether you are in the states or somewhere else.

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