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Taking A Tour Of Japan

Taking A Tour Of Japan

Japan has to be one of the most incredible places on the planet and a place that mixes an elegant culture with nature. It is definitely a coveted destination and going there for the first time was actually a wonderful experience for me that left me wanting to go back! I recently had the opportunity to visit Japan and with the help of Japan Experience tours I was able to have the trip of a lifetime. Here are some of the things that I did on my trip to Japan and hopefully these inspire you to do the same.

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Climb Mount Fuji

Japan’s most famous mountain is a beautiful place to visit and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climbing to the top is naturally a challenge, but one that is worth it. When you reach the top you will be presented with some amazing panoramic views of the surrounding areas. It is possible to climb the mountain from July to September and doesn’t require any special equipment like other high mountains. You simply have to brave your way up the trail to the top!

Experience Karaoke in it’s spiritual home

Karaoke has become a worldwide phenomenon and the Japanese not only invented it, but they do it best. One thing that I love about doing it in Japan is definitely the sophistication in which you can enjoy it in Japan. There are many themed rooms, which are completely soundproofed, so that you don’t hear the bad singing of a person in the next room! The themed rooms are painstakingly put together (like more or less everything in Japanese culture) and there are some extremely crazy designs that you have to see to believe.

Try a bowl of ramen

Ramen, although not traditionally Japanese, has become a staple of the Japanese diet and they have completely put their own spin on it. There are a crazy number of varieties and you can even eat it from a vending machine. It is a truly delicious dish and I truly believe that the Japanese do it better than the Chinese!

Drink Sake

Sake is Japanese rice wine and is sipped from small ceramic cups known as “ochoko”. The rice is fermented and has a very complex and unique flavour. Sake is absolutely delicious and there are quite literally hundreds of varieties of it in Japan which you can try. You can even have it cold, hot or at room temperature! I would recommend ordering it with some sashimi to make your meal extra special.

Visit the bustling Tokyo

Tokyo is the place that has it all in Japan and this sprawling metropolis has everything that a tourist could ever want. No visit to Tokyo could ever be finished without visiting the Imperial Palace, the very interesting Shibuya (where the ever famous crossing is), the Meji Shrine and much more. Tokyo is one of my favourite places for its variety and uniqueness that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Enjoy the serene atmosphere in Kyoto

Kyoto is the most peaceful city in Japan and the complete opposite of Tokyo. It shows everywhere in its nature, religion (Zen Buddhism) and its temples. In fact, Kyoto has hundreds of temples, shrines and other places of religious significance. Many of these places are UNESCO listed as sites of significant importance. The temples are my favourite aspect and I really enjoyed exploring as many as I could, and my favourite had to be Ginkaku-ji.

Eat sushi

Sushi is a signature dish of the Japanese and is an art that takes many years to master. The Japanese use the freshest ingredients prepared in the best possible methods to make sushi and it shows through the taste. There are many varieties and you need to try as much as you can while you are visiting because it is a hundred times better than the sushi that you know in your own country.

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