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Things to Do While on the Road

Travel is great. However, true travelers and modern-day nomads know that there are plenty of moments that aren’t so fun when going from place to place. Visiting new locations is exciting, but travelling to them is often not. It can be boring, exhausting, and stressful. But once you get to where you’re going, you quickly forget about all that, until you hit the road again.

If you don’t go by Instagram photos of backpackers and people who partake in what’s now called – van life, and have a real conversation with one of these individuals, you’ll quickly find out the truth.  Travelling can be a tedious and monotonous endeavor. You’re stuck to a seat on a train, bus, or plane, and there are only so many moments that you can endure staring out of the window before it gets dull.

Livening up your travels with an activity that will keep you busy or bring some excitement is a must. It not only makes the whole journey pleasant but you’re left with a feeling that no moment has been wasted. And, that’s fulfilling in itself.

While you may have your routine on how to cope with the repetitive nature of transit, despite your budget, or method, here are a few ideas that you might have not considered.

Play the Powerball Lottery

Sure, the odds of hitting the grand prize might not be great, but there’s more to playing than just winning. There’s an excitement to the process, that today just might be your day, that you never know what the future is going to bring. Nowadays, what once was only accessible to Americans, is open to the world, and there are several websites where Indians can purchase US Powerball tickets online.

The thrill is not in just checking to see if you’ve won, even though that moment can be exhilarating as you circle your numbers in anticipation, especially if you’ve got the next correct one. But, there’s also plenty of fun to be had with the fantasy of what could be. And, it gives you something to do, to think about how to switch up your next combination, to not forget to get your ticket, and to check the winning numbers.

Play GeoGuessr

Bet you don’t know about this one. If you love to travel than what better game to play then one about guessing locations around the world? You’ll not only do a little more sightseeing, but you’ll visit more places and learn more about geography and different cultures through the medium of Google Street View.

The game is played in a way that you are dropped off at a random location on Google Street View, and you’re not provided with any information sans the street images and a compass. Then, you can use all your cunning and travel knowledge to figure out where you are. You can look at things such as the vegetation, signs, landmarks, and the climate to figure out what’s your location. Once you’re ready, you place a marker on a map and the game tells you if your guess is correct or not.

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