Tour Guide To The Death Valley National Park For First-time Travelers

Despite the fact that it has an admittedly spooky name, the Death Valley national park is an amazing spot for the sightseeing getaway. A park known for its amazing landscape, hills, and exquisite wildlife are one of the wonders of the modern world. A serious throwback to the great outdoors, this national park combines beautiful scenery with rare to find wildlife to give the tourist an amazing time. One thing you must know is that Death Valley national park hasn’t recorded as many casualties as you might imagine considering the name. Still, it would be super smart and moral to do your homework and come over with the right amount of cooked food and water because the air can get quite dry. Without further ado, let’s go into the rudiments of Death Valley and what a first-time traveler needs to do to come out refreshed, alive, and well educated.

What to do:

Book a hotel 

Even though Death Valley national park has a plethora of amazing campsites that would set tourists and first-time travelers in the adventure spirit, most first time travelers are not particularly keen on giving up their freedom and privacy to reside in an open field with strangers. Death Valley national park has lots of free campsites that tourists can patronize and a few paid ones too, but the fun lies in the hotels that can be booked not too far away from the valley. The four best hotels to check out are:

  •  Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel
  • Panamint Springs Resort
  • Amargosa Hotel
  • Inn at Death Valley

All prices range between 50 dollars a night to 90 dollars a night for a room. You will be assured comfort, security, scenery, and a great place to clear your head after a long day checking out the beauty that is Death Valley national park. Kindly note that prices vary based on demand, and it will be advisable that you book a room in advance to avoid a mad rush for space by the time you touch down.

Get a tour guide and ride.

The Death Valley national park is a huge park and a great tourist attraction; it is quite large and cannot be covered by a simple stroll. As a first-time traveler to this grand location, it is thus advisable that you scout the internet tour guide agencies and find the best tour guides that can take you around the park with such ease and precession. You could check Google and make a booking, or you could contact your booking agent and get you an experienced tour guide. While making the booking ensure that you let the guide know that you are a first-time traveler and not a resident of the United States of America. He should rent a car that will conveniently navigate the terrains of Death Valley national park.

Get a nice restaurant

Food is of the essence before, during, and after a trip to the great Death Valley national park, and as such, a first-time traveler should do his research on the best food spots to sink his or her teeth into on a visit. Don’t worry about that because we got you covered. Death Valley is a national park, and except you are thinking of eating plants with the herbivores or raw meat with the carnivores it would be smart to check out one of the three awesome joints in and around the valley, such are:

  • The Badwater Saloon
  • Amargosa Café
  • Last Kind Words Saloon

Check out the above amazing food spots and sink your teeth into culinary delights like freshly made tacos, awesome pizzas, and classy meals while the wildfire blows your hair and makes you one with the valley.

Enjoy the scenery

Death Valley national park might have a scary name, but it truly is a marvel. A national park that has it all from the exquisite wildlife to the amazing views and well carved out hills is one to savor for first-time travelers. Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime, book that hotel, get the guide, and feast on the saloon delicacies. Enjoy the scenery that Death Valley national park provides, and you’ll be sure to come back for another.

Tips for international travelers to the USA

Death Valley national park is simply a sight to behold and scenery that any first time international traveler would love to see; hence the first time traveler must have his USA Travel ESTA. This vital document will grant him or her entry into the country and, in essence, death valley national park. Getting a USA Travel ESTA might sound stressful, but it is a straightforward task, all you need to do is access the ESTA website and fill a travel form as a first-time traveler.

In this form, you must fill it truthfully and accurately as that is the only way you can get ESTA approval. Following which you will get an e-mail from the ESTA team saying whether your application has been granted or denied. Payment is made on receipt of an accepted application. A USA Travel ESTA is very important, especially to a first-time traveler as this is a document that protects his or her rights from entry into the USA right up until the departure from the country. So what are you waiting for? Visit the ESTA website and get your ESTA. The amazing Death Valley national park awaits you!

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