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Planning a Destination Wedding in Goa: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Goa needs no introduction to anyone. On the other hand, while everyone has heard of destination weddings, not everyone may have a clear idea of how to arrange them. Being a tourist hotspot, Goa is indeed a great spot for destination weddings but you need to know what to keep in mind and how. While a lot depends on personal taste and preferences, here are a few quick tips that should help you get started.

Know the Location

If you are familiar with Goa, you would know that Goa is divided between North and South Goa. North Goa is more touristy and crowded while South attracts more discernible tourists and has more luxury properties. You may want to be ina church, in which case, you will need a less crowded one. Just know the difference before you start planning. Still, I am not saying that you have to pick one place above the other. Ultimately it is about your style, preferences, and budget. You may want to do it on a beach, in which case, you will need access to a private beach.

Plan in Advance

Do note that Goa is a highly sought after destination for various purposes. So, you must start planning in several months in advance and book the services and properties that you are going to use for the event. The best way to get this done is to get the help of a local wedding service in Goa who is knowledgeable about the local options and can provide you the right information and make arrangements.

Figure Out the Activities

If you are having a wedding in Goa, you would want the guests to have the best experience in the city. One can simply laze around the beach, go for a bike trip, walk around a spice garden, or take part in some watersports. Whatever you do, you need to be prepared for it because it is not only about you but your guests, especially if you are expecting a good number of people to attend. So, while making a guest list, keep everyone”s preferences in mind and know what can be suitable for whom.

Have a Local Flavour

Being in a place like Goa, you would like everyone to have a slice of the local life. So, figure out small local things you can include in the process. It may be the items in the menu or small gifts for the guests including spices, cashew, and of course, feni! Again, a good local service provider can help you here with the right information, procurement, and packaging.

Know the Seasons

While everyone has a preferred date and time in mind for their wedding, do check if the time is suitable to be in Goa. In general, the peak season for Goa is the winter months between October and February, when the weather is pleasant and sunny. The summer months between April to early June are really hot and the state generally gets deserted by the tourists during this time. The monsoon months from mid-June to early September nowadays attracts people seeking solitude and serenity. However, do note that it will be raining heavily and so it may not be suitable for events. So, keep all these aspects in mind when you plan your big day.

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