Top 5 Must Try Local Street Food in Coorg

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Surrounded by enormous mountains, gorgeous landscapes and picturesque locales, Coorg is a hill station that will warm your hearts. Aptly known as the “Scotland of India”, this beautiful destination will make you feel like you have stepped into an Amazonian rainforest.

This quaint little town is extremely popular across the country for its delicious coffee, spices like cardamom and black pepper, and eucalyptus leaves. Apart from this, Coorg or Kodagu is also renowned for its authentic Kodava cuisine. A staple amongst locals and a speciality of this region is Sannakki, a fragrant kind of rice. Besides this, there are a number of non-vegetarian dishes that are extremely popular here.

If you are planning a trip to this stunning destination, you must try these five local street food items that will surely tantalise your taste buds:

1. Bamboo Shoot Curry: This dish is commonly cooked during monsoons. The bamboo shoots are plucked before they get too hard and then they are salted and frozen for a while. Later, the shoots are peeled off, and the tender part of it is cooked to perfection in a boiling bowl of curry.
2. Pandi Curry: This is a very popular dish in Coorg. Pandi curry or pork curry is usually served in a thali consisting of akki roti or some rice. When in Coorg, you must try this dish because the town’s magic adds to it, making it ten times more delicious.
3. Akki Roti: This is a staple breakfast item made with cooked rice. Akki roti can be served with ‘ellu pajji’ or sesame seed chutney, and also pandi curry – a combination that you must definitely try.
4. Chicken Curry or Koli Curry: Coconut is a main ingredient in this dish. Usually served with kadambattu or rice balls, this lip-smacking chicken curry is teeming with fresh spices and coconut to create an amazing mix of flavours.
5. Kadambattu: These are steamed rice dumplings or rice balls. They form an important part of the Kodava cuisine and are usually included in all the festivals and weddings here.

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Apart from its amazing hospitality and delectable food, the resort offers various other activities that will tick all the boxes off your ‘things to do in Coorg’ checklist. However, before you make your bookings, make sure you check the Club Mahindra reviews to learn more about their offerings and services.

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