Khajjiar: Majestic Meadows

The picturesque valley, wrapped in a veil of vibrant flowers, a deep blue sky with cottony white clouds, and serene, tranquil lakes… this is paradise to most of the travel-loving hearts. Be it for a loving honeymoon trip, or a trekking trip for exploring misty mountains, most of us secretly have a desire to visit such a place although sometimes it gets beyond our budget, but not Khajjiar!

Where is Khajjar Nestled?

Contending with the best in the world in every aspect, Khajjar is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, in the Chamba district, not far from another popular hill station Dalhousie. Sitting in the lap of majestic Himalaya, Khajjar takes pride in having a threefold ecosystem – forests, pastures, and lakes.

Because of its geographical location, the place enjoys cool weather throughout the year. Naturally, winters in Khajjar come sturdy, and as it is a hilly terrain area, visiting it during monsoon isn’t advisable.

Visitors, who want to behold Khajjar at its best, should come here during the summer and spring seasons. Avoiding July and August, you can choose to visit the place any time from March to September.

Khajjar … The Switzerland Obsession

While I intensely dislike comparing any Himalayan spot with any other place in the West, the fact is that Khajjiar has always been compared to Switzerland. The story started back in 1992. On that year’s July 7, the then Head of the Chancery of Switzerland in India and Vice-Chancellor, Willy Blazer, referred to this place as the ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India. And, since then, Khajjar has been successfully upholding the title with its magnetizing splendor.

The Vice-Chancellor gave this title to Khajjar, as it has a striking topographical resemblance with Switzerland. A signboard was placed there, showing the distance of Bern, capital of Switzerland, from Khajjar. Moreover, he took a stone from Khajjar for the stone collage, located in front of the Parliament of Switzerland. He did this to acknowledge that a small part of Switzerland is present far away from it.

Places to Visit in Khajjar 

Khajjar is jeweled with prolific natural beauty, having plenty of places that allure travel-loving hearts with beauty and historical significance. Khajjar lake is one of the must-visit spots of the place, surrounded by pine forests and dense deodar trees. Sited 1920 m above sea level, it is one of India’s highest lakes and the world. Also, spend some time in the Golden Devi Temple, adjacent to the lake. The serenity you will find in the temple will make you forget the din of the busy modern lifestyle. Khaji Nag Temple is another temple situated in Khajjar. Considered one of the holiest shrines of the entire Himachal Pradesh, this temple tells the lore of the 12th century. The 85 feet long statue of Lord Shiva is another thing you shouldn’t miss in Khajjar.

Snowfall in Khajjiar

Khajjiar in winter
Pic: Suruchi Mittal/

Yes, it does snow in Khajjiar in the winter. So, the entire Dalhousie-Khajjiar belt is a great winter destination if you want to see snow, especially during December and January.


A Fine Place for Indulging in Adventure Sports

The sloppy valleys of Khajjar will present you with ideal conditions for indulging in exciting adventure sports. You can make your vacation entertaining with options like paragliding, horse riding, and zorbing. Paragliding is one major attraction of this place. However, you can choose either form the later options if you are not that athletic.

Moreover, Khajjar is a place that encompasses prolific scenic grandeur, amalgamating historical significance and spirituality with it. And, as the essence of picturesque Switzerland prevails there, it becomes more enticing to travel lovers.

Nightlife in Khajjar 

As usual in small hilly towns, the best adventures happen in the daytime. Nightlife is generally limited to bonfires if your host can arrange that. Do not expect too much nightlife here. Nighclubs are not possible although if you are a sports bettor and can’t live without wagering on sports you can also do so through your mobile phones. Visit NetBet and try your luck on any sports event you desire.

Jitaditya Narzary

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