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Edgy Honeymoon Ideas in North East India

If you could consider yourself a true millennial, I’m sure you wouldn’t like to have the clichéd, safe, and boring sunset-watching honeymoon trips. So, here are a few ideas of edgy Honeymoon activities that you can try, in the northeast, the edgiest part of India.

Try Your Luck at a Casino

Have you ever fantasized about dressing up like movie stars and trying your luck at a casino? Isn’t it an edgy thing to play Bond and Bondgirl on your first vacation together? You may be thinking that it’s not even allowed in India but you are mistaken. There are some states where they legally operate casinos and Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is one of them. Before getting there you may brush up your skills at an online casino so that you can bring your A-Game out there. Of course, Sikkim has much more to offer and after the Casino, you can move on for some hiking or visit a high altitude, emerald green lake.


Enjoy a White Honeymoon

Sela Pass in Winter
Sela Pass in Winter: Gets even tougher

Yes, it snows at various parts of NE in the winter and a lot of people find it romantic, especially if you live in a hot and humid city. So, if you can time it in December and January, you’ll find snow in the northern reaches of Sikkim as well as Arunachal Pradesh. My personal pick will be either Tawang or Mechuka for a white escape at the peak of winter. In Tawang, it can coincide with the iconic Torgya Festival which fits into the point discussed in the next paragraph.


Embark on a Cultural Adventure

Torgya Festival
Torgya Festival

With over 200 ethnic groups in the northeastern region with different languages and cultures, you can be sure to get more than you bargained for. Being in some parts of NE can give you a sense of being in a completely different country other than India. So, if you are a more cerebral and creative couple, you can explore a great ethnocultural experience in NE. From the ex-headhunters of Longwa to neo-vaishnavite shrines of Majuli, and from the eclectic cuisine of Manipur to Mask Dancers of Tawang, there’s much to be seen and this will enrich your lives and give you new ideas for your future ventures.

Attend a Rock Concert

You must have heard that NE is the rock capital of India. You’ll find rock bands in every major town and major cities like Shillong and Kohima have some of the best venues with live music. You can also attend various musical concerts and festivals. Major international bands regularly tour some of these cities while even important tourist festivals always have a heavy musical bent, the most famous of them being the Ziro Festival of Music in Ziro Valley, which combines the music with the unique culture of the place.

Go for a Wild Adventure into the Rainforests

Due to its largely unexploited nature, the region is home to some rare and diverse wildlife species. Witnessing nature at its unspoiled best is always fascinating and offers many lessons that couples can take and apply in life. However, I won’t suggest the better-known but too-cliched and crowded national parks like Kaziranga. If you are physically fit and adventurous, I suggest you hike into the ancient rainforests of Namdapha where you can genuinely be lonely… with each other of course. It takes some effort to reach but that’s what makes it unique.

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