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Are you a wanderluster who likes gambling? You must travel these 6 places

Online betting has been becoming more and more popular over the years, with widespread reach. Reviews of online casinos from Guide2Gambling indicate that they have seen incredible traffic, with many betting enthusiasts switching to betting from the comforts of their own home. But no one can yet discard the feeling of actually walking into a casino in all its glitz and glamour. If on top of that you are a casino enthusiast, and a person who cannot stick to one place and is always in the search of new adventures and places to travel to, gambling destinations may just be for you. Here are 5 places around the world which boasts of the best casinos, guaranteed to enhance your gambling experience and make it a great one. Otherwise, you can always start with some Mostbet free spins.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This one is probably not surprising. Anyone even vaguely aware will know that Vegas is the place to be when it comes to casinos. Housing 70 of the best casinos in the world it is a gambling hotspot which ensures a gala time. A glance at Sin City reveals there is a 4-mile stretch call The Strip which is the focal point here and houses most of the big casinos.  It is commonly said that if you don’t find a wager in Vegas, you won’t find it anywhere.

Macau, China

Macau has also grown tremendously when it comes to popularity as far as casinos and gambling goes. So much so that it is now called the “Gambling Capital of the World”. Only thing that Macau lacks is fancy sports betting lounges, that make sports betting all the more fun. Betting on football or basketball is available in only 10 outlets called Macau slots. Macau is also home to the largest casino floor in the world. The Venetian has 376000 square feet of giving space 640 gaming tables and 1760 slot machines. Though there was a dip in the VIP clientele, Macao Casino Bosses remain optimistic about 2020.

New Jersey

Though not as popular the garden state it is going through a casino revival over the past couple of years. Quite a few venues which were closed down have reopened that was which has led to this boom casino-based tourism there. Atlantic City in New Jersey had been named the best dumpling destination in the world back in 2015. Not only does the resort City Andheri Atlantic coast have several casinos they also offer fine dining to keep you amused and entertained.

Reno, Nevada

While Las Vegas can easily take the position of gambling headquarters, it isn’t the only City in Nevada offering an adventure-filled experience. Reno, the Biggest Little City, of Nevada, is also a gambling destination. Names like – The Eldorado and Peppermill spring to mind in this context.

The beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding area is an added incentive to visiting Reno and thus plan the perfect Lake Tahoe vacation. Sports betting is also quite rampant here, with almost every casino also having sportsbooks. You can with incredible ease go from a blackjack table to the sportsbooks allowing you to bet on all the big games, while watching the action on massive, modern HD TV screens.


Aruba, sometimes dubbed as the ‘Vegas of the Caribbean’ not only boasts of pristine white sandy beaches stretches of beautiful aqua sea, it also houses quite a few exotic casinos. Not only is it a great gambling destination, it is also quite a popular tourist spot for all its natural beauty.  The Crystal Casino, Copacabana, and the Casablanca are some of the major casino houses. Most hotels are also equipped with gambling machines where sports bets can be placed and many casinos also have huge TVs where you can relax and enjoy the matches.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Any James Bond fan is well aware of Monte Carlo as a fantastic gambling destination. While Vegas can be loud, glamorous and sometimes over the top, Monte Carlo is pure class where opulence reigns, thus appealing to more sophisticated gamblers. It may be the smallest country in the world, but it indeed is the best gambling destination in Europe. But Monaco does have something for everyone in the sense that minimum bets can be placed with 1 cent. However, Monaco in spite of being the hometown of the Monaco Grand Prix, does not allow sports betting.

Though there are other places that offer great casino ambience, these few destinations are known across the world as the greatest. If you are a wanderlust, in search of new places to visit and a gambling enthusiast as well, you should definitely target these.

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