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5 Day Luxury Honeymoon in Maldives Exceeded Our Expectations

For the longest time, I had hoped to spend my honeymoon at a beach resort. Initially, I considered Andaman as a viable option for our romantic getaway. However, after doing some research, I discovered that the Maldives would be the ideal honeymoon spot for us. And upon stumbling across the perfect 5 day itinerary in the Maldives Honeymoon package from Bangalore, we jumped on the plane to Maldives, just 2 days after our wedding.


Our honeymoon commenced as we flew from Bangalore to Male, Maldives early in the morning. After sometime, we were sent a motorboat ride to Kuroamathi island. This was a spectacular 1 and half an hour voyage that took us to our accommodation, possibly the most beautiful island we have ever laid eyes on. We were mesmerized by this tropical beauty and it took some time for us to register that we were actually on this beautiful island and not dreaming about it! After checking into our bungalow rooms, we just relaxed the entire evening to rest up enough for next day’s adventure in our Maldives Honeymoon package from Bangalore

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The second day of our luxurious honeymoon in Maldives commenced at a leisurely and rhythmic pace at dawn. We took advantage of the fresh morning air and took a walk down the shore after breakfast. We took a long stroll around the resort, stopping to savor and rest at several gorgeous spots. 

Then, we decided to relax and replenish ourselves after lunch by diving into the infinity pool. Later, we rented snorkelling equipment from the hotel and went snorkelling in the waters surrounding the island. At the beach of Kuramathi Island, we were treated to the most beautiful sunset of our lives.


We had a big breakfast the very next day and afterwards proceeded to go to a couple’s massage. Although the massage treatment was not included in our Maldives Honeymoon package from Bangalore, we chose to undertake it in the spur of the moment. After the soulful massage, it was then time for us to move into the wonderful water villa following our relaxing spa treatment. Our water villa’s setting was breathtaking. We were indeed mesmerized by the setting, hence we chose to spend the remainder of the day unwinding there at the resort, having a wonderful time in each others embrace.

DAY 4 

The fourth day of our Maldives deluxe vacation was spent simply relaxing. We decided to take some photos around noon, to document several of the unforgettable experiences we were creating each day. As a result, we went to the island jetty and spent some time clicking amazing pictures for our Instagram feed. We both got dressed up and headed out for a fancy dinner at one of the lavish restaurants on the island. 

DAY 5 

Day 5 marked the end of our trip. With heavy hearts, we checked out of our incredible accommodation after breakfast and returned to Male to begin our return journey. We were picked up bu the speedboat and sped in the direction of the airport. We bid farewell to the tranquil island of Maldives and went home to our regular lives. It was a vacation unparalleled, with ocean everywhere and luxurious accommodations. It will be forever etched in our minds like a beautiful dream.

Jitaditya Narzary

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