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5 Best amusement parks in Dubai

Dubai Aerial
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Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and the beaches. Those skyscrapers and beaches are a tourist attraction. The city of Dubai is already developed, but it is still developing further. So, to attract more tourists, Dubai is focusing more on the fun activities that not only the tourists but also locals of the United Arab Emirates can do. Many theme parks and amusement parks have been designed for the entertainment of people. The amusement parks are well thought and planned and mitigate any possible danger as they focus solely on entertainment and fun. 

The Dubai amusement parks are very promising and each one is designed for your adrenaline rush. The theme parks are huge and have thrilling rides that you will lose your count on, shopping areas, theatres, diners, water parks, and countless other fun activities. It would be a huge loss if you visit Dubai but miss out on the experience of these parks. With Legoland Dubai tickets being reasonable and worth it, everyone should visit at least one of these parks. Not only Legoland, Dubai has several other amusement parks that can be enjoyed not only by kids but everyone. So, when you are planning a trip to Dubai, make sure to visit at least one of these amusement parks.

  1. LEGOLAND Dubai

LEGOLAND Dubai is a theme park, designed by the most famous toy producer, LEGO. It is the first and only Lego theme park in the Middle East and is also the seventh-largest LEGOLAND in the world. The theme park has a LEGOLAND hotel and a LEGOLAND waterpark. It is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. LEGOLAND Dubai has more than forty rides. The park is designed for kids between the age of 2-12 and their parents. If your kid is familiar with LEGO, he will undoubtedly have the best time of his life. The park is made for the cute little builders and everything, even rooms, are Lego-themed. LEGOLAND Dubai is situated in the Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is neighbored by Motion gate Dubai and Bollywood Park. But LEGOLAND has the biggest area among the three. It is a family-friendly amusement park, entirely built with colorful giant Legos. You can even enjoy the water park which has the most fun rides for you and your kids. Legoland Dubai tickets start at INR 3400 per person.

  1. Legoland Hotel

After a fun and tiring day at the LEGOLAND Park, step into the Legoland Hotel, just a few steps from the park, for a relaxing stay. The hotel is also themed on Lego, where the kids will enjoy each minute, they spend here. The hotel is thoughtfully designed, with the entrance being dragon-guarded, and LEGO themed bedrooms. The adventure does not end in the park, it continues here with treasure hunts in your room, Bricks themes family restaurant, Lego based fun activities, and shows. Your kids will not want to leave as they will get a lifetime of experience as they will build their colorful buildings letting their imaginations go wild. 

  • Your stay includes breakfast one time access to the LEGO park or the water park, with a provision to upgrade to access to more parts of the park. 
  • Our fully LEGO-themed bedrooms are accessible and can accommodate up to 5 people, with a maximum of three children.
  • Our family suite rooms can accommodate up to 8 people, with a maximum of four adults. 

You can book the tickets online at the Legoland site which sells Legoland Dubai tickets.

  1. Adventure waterpark

The adventure waterpark is located on the beautiful palm island, Atlantis. This waterpark is no ordinary waterpark because it lets you swim with real sharks and stingrays. But there is nothing to worry about as you will be allowed to swim within a confined environment. There are various rides in this waterpark but the longest one is a 90 feet ride that takes you through a lagoon where there are real sharks. There is also a 75 feet long ride known as the Poseidon’s Revenge, which takes you through double loops and throws you down in the water. Adventure waterpark is the largest waterpark in the Middle East. 

  1. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark is located next to the stunning Burj Al Arab. This waterpark has crazy rides and you can have a stunning view of the city and the majestic Burj Al Arab. It is one of the first waterparks in the middle east and is based on an Arabian folklore character Juha. What attracts people the most about this waterpark is its 120-meter free-fall swing that brings you down at a speed of 80 kmph. Wild Wadi also has the largest wave pool in Dubai. The stunning views and the thrilling rides serve best for your adrenaline rush and the experience stays with you forever.

  1. Ski Dubai

How is it to imagine snow amid a desert? Ski Dubai is the first snow park in the middle east and also the largest one. It is a paradise for snowboarders and skiers. It is an indoor park that provides the best of things that can be expected out an indoor park. It has a total area of 22,500 square feet and has 5 slopes, suitable for different skiers like beginners or pros. The temperature is maintained at -2 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Snowboard or ski, or simply play snowball fight, it is guaranteed that you will have a great time with your family. 

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