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Planning Your First Ever Visit to Asia: What About Vaccinations?

If you enjoy traveling and Asia is next on the cards, it’s important that you get yourself prepared and ready for your exciting adventure ahead. While most travelers hate the thought of getting vaccinations, your main priority should be to look after your health while away.  There are many diseases that you could get when on your travels, so having vaccinations before you head out the door will provide you with protection against illness. Here is a guide on the types of vaccinations you will need to get before exploring Asia.

Recommended Vaccinations

No matter where you head to in Asia, there are various vaccinations that are strongly recommended before you jet off. Routine vaccinations include mumps, polio, rubella, and tetanus. You should also get vaccinations for Hepatitis A, and Typhoid. There are other vaccinations that you may need to get, but these will depend on the types of activity you do, and where you plan to explore. Those who plan to spend extended periods of travel in rural locations are advised to get the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination, especially if you are round farms and rice fields. You should also consider getting the Meningitis vaccination. Although the risk of getting meningitis is low, if you are planning to spend time in densely populated areas, getting the vaccination is advised. There are various clinics that you can contact who can provide you with vaccination. Some clinics focus on travel medicine, which can keep you safe and protected while away.


For those who enjoy being outdoors and plan to do an array of activities like hiking, camping, and biking, it’s advised to get a rabies vaccination. Traveling extensively in rural locations will put you at a higher risk of getting an animal bite. While many of us don’t expect to get bitten by an animal while traveling, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Malaria is a serious infectious disease that can be found in several countries across Asia. If left untreated, there are further health complications that can arise, including death. Before you jet off on your adventure, it’s best to take an anti-malarial. If you aren’t sure where to get this, it’s advised to book an appointment with your doctor who will take you through the process.

Travel Health Tips

Now you have an idea of the mandatory and recommended vaccinations to get before going on your trip to Asia, there are lots of health tips that you need to know about to ensure your adventure goes according to plan. There aren’t many places in Asia where you can drink fresh water straight from the faucet, so it’s important that you stay up to date with water safety to eliminate the risk of you getting ill when on your travels. Also, make sure to keep your mouth closed when in the shower as you can never be too sure of the purity of the water.

You should also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer around with you which you can use after visiting the restroom, after handling coins and paper bills, as well as before each meal. Typhoid and Hepatitis A are passed through human feces, so being a compulsive hand-washer is important. Although you can’t see it, germs can spread faster than you think, so having a bottle of hand sanitizer that you can fit in your pocket will mean you’re prepared and ready for traveling.

While traveling around Asia should be an eye-opening and exciting experience, it’s always important that you put your health and wellbeing first. Getting the recommended vaccinations and taking the travel health tips listed on board will mean you have a trip of a lifetime, rather than one you’d prefer to forget.

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