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Navigating the Finland Visa Application System from India: What You Need to Know

If you are an Indian and want to apply for a Finland visa, you must carry out certain steps. For example, the embassy may request you to submit a set of documents to visit Finland.

Therefore, this article will help you identify the documents required. Besides, the document submission depends on the type of visa you apply for. So, stay with us till the end to know the complete details.

Reasons to Visit Finland

There could be several reasons to visit Finland. It is a European country famous for being the happiest nation in the world. Also, access to the country’s lakes and forests is too easy. In addition, Finland is well-known for the Moomins, Santa Claus, sauna culture, and northern lights. Moreover, the country ranked third in the InterNations Quality of Life Index 2023. As a result, this makes it a favorite place for many foreigners.

Benefits of living in Finland

It would be the perfect country if you plan on living in Finland permanently. This is because there are numerous benefits of living in Finland. 

  • One of them is the right of getting free education. From primary to doctorate level in universities, the education is free. Moreover, students are given free meals in schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Furthermore, you can also enjoy safe and healthy food in Finland. The country produces organic mushrooms, berries, etc. by protecting its natural resources.
  • In addition, Finland has had the lowest rate of crime worldwide. Less than 5% of its people have been victims of violent crimes in recent years. Most crimes that are reported are related to property and traffic.

Do Indian Citizens Need a Visa to Travel to Finland?

Indian nationals usually need a visa to enter Finland. Therefore, as an Indian citizen, you must have a 90-day temporary visa. The Schengen visa is another name for this type of temporary visa.

As you may know, the Schengen visa is accepted in all of the European nations that are parties to the Schengen Agreement. One of the nations is Finland, as per the Schengen Agreement.

With a Schengen visa, you can travel to and remain in Finland as well as the other 28 Schengen countries within the specified limit.

Types of Visas You Can Apply for

There are several different kinds of visas that you can get to enter Finland from India. This, however, will vary depending on why you are visiting the country of destination. For instance, it might serve the following objectives.

  • Tourist
  • Business
  • Study visa
  • Transit visa

Furthermore, please be aware that depending on the type of visa you apply for, there are differences in the requirements, validity, length of stay, and processing time. Therefore, before proceeding with the procedure, make sure you carefully review the instructions provided by the Finnish embassy in India.

Where to Apply?

If your target country is Finland, you can apply for a Schengen visa at the nearest visa application center. Moreover, the center must be indicated by the Finnish embassy. In addition, you can also contact or visit the official website of the Embassy of Finland in your home country.

Also, note that honorary consulates or honorary consuls do not grant visas. You can always visit these sites to know the procedure in detail. Furthermore, they will also help you identify the documents required depending on your visa type.

Documents Required for the Finland Visa Application System from India

Your visa application to Finland from India may require you to submit the following documents. However, make sure that you follow the guidelines of the embassy as per the visa type you apply for.

  • One of the important requirements of the visa process is to fill out a visa application form. Therefore, the form may ask you to include details related to your travel and accommodation plans.
  • Furthermore, you must submit your passport having at least two blank pages. Moreover, it must bear a validity of six months after your intended departure from the target country.
  • Another item that you must add to your bucket list is passport-size pictures. Make sure that they are recent as photographs older than the last six months are not acceptable.
  • Also, make sure to purchase travel and medical insurance covering your entire stay in Finland. This will help you bear unexpected expenses related to travel and health.
  • The embassy wants to know if you have reserved a flight on the plane. For this purpose, you can provide proof of flight reservation. This will show that you have the intention to travel to Finland from India.
  • Furthermore, you must show that you have managed your stay in Finland. Therefore, submit proof of accommodation such as a hotel reservation or a rental contract.

  • Lastly, the embassy requests you to represent whether you can afford your stay in Finland by showing your financial documents. This will include expenses related to food, accommodation, and transportation.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Visa to Finland from India?

If you apply for a visit visa to Finland from India, you must submit the application fee. Besides the submission of the documents, depositing the fee is another visa requirement.

Please note the amount varies depending on various factors. For example, this includes,

  • The age group to which you belong
  • The visa type
  • Your nationality

Applicant’s age

As per your age, you must pay 80 euros as an adult Indian citizen. Moreover, children between the ages of six and twelve may cost 40 euros. Lastly, the minors and students or researchers are free to travel the world.

Visa type

Depending on the visa type, a single and double-entry visa will cost you 87 euros. However, if you want to have a multiple-entry visa, pay at least 127 euros to the embassy.

Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Finland visa is at least fifteen days. Moreover, it depends on the documents you submit. In some cases, the processing time may take up to a month. On the other hand, in more severe circumstances, it may take up to sixty days.

The reason for this is that the embassy needs some time to analyze the application thoroughly.

So, ensure to submit your applications well in advance. A visa application must be submitted no later than six (6) months before the planned visit date. 

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