Palaces & Forts to see during Ladakh Trip

Due to its Tibetan Buddhist heritage, most people identify Ladakh as a land of gompas or monasteries. However, as you know, Ladakh used to be an independent Kingdom with its own royal family, surrounded by many other Kingdoms. Naturally, there are lots of palaces and forts to be seen too. Some of them can be found in the city of Leh itself while many others are scattered in the far-off areas.

Here is a list of 8 Forts & Palaces in Ladakh. Some of them are well-maintained while some otehrs are gradually decaying. So, catch them as soon as you can this summer. The good thing is that, they are not hard to visit nowadays. Couple of them are inside Leh city while the rest are located by the side. You can use Goibibo Offers for booking Leh flight tickets online while from Leh, you can always find buses and shared cars to all these places.

Leh Palace

Leh Offbeat Mob 2
Leh Palace Front View

The Leh Palace rules the urban from the summit and is the emphasized construction of the legacy city, Leh. The Palace is complete but in the ramshackle situation. The unremitting renewal work here is organized by ASI – Archaeological Investigation of India. The Palace is designed of sludge bricks, grout, wood, and the upper limit are maintained by timber beams. The Leh Palace also is constructed on the enterprises of structural design Chandan, who built the Chiktan Palace. The emphasized building of Leh Palace is its bolstered walls and drooping galleries from where one can achieve the panoramic sights of the complete city. On watching down from the walkway, we viewed how fine the whines abodes are filled together in the Leh city, entirely disguising in contradiction of the environment foothill.

Also, read about Leh Old Town heritage walk.

Tsemo Fort & Gompa

Leh 8
Tsemo looks better from other parts of the city

It is located just above Leh Palace. The Tsemo Namgyal was constructed by Ruler Tashi Namgyal on the peak. It provides 360-degree scenes of the Leh city and the appeal streamers on the top tizzy in the energy which is a pleasure tpo eyes and ears. At this time, only the part of the fortress, lookout tower, and woody gallery are integral, rest is absolutely overwhelmed.

Shey Palace

Shey Palace

The Shey Palace was the seasonal city of out-of-date Ladakh area. It is situated on the summit nearby the Indus River and one has to hike a pathway and few steps to touch the palace.  The Palace is complete and is preserved by ASI but the stronghold forward to it is a thorough crash. The Palace is constructed of sludge, mortar, and timber, with the drooping galleries. It is barely 12 Kms from Leh on the Leh-Manali Road.

Stok Palace & Museum

Stok Palace

The Stok Palace is the latter Palace of Monarchs of Ladakh and is the existing dwelling of the prior noble family of Ladakh. The Palace consists of 77 rooms, oscillating galleries, stunning parks, and lending library that comprise 108 sizes of the Kangyur (Teachings of Lord Buddha). The portion of the Palace has been transformed into a museum too. It is barely 13 KMs from Leh but you have to take a detour from the Leh.

Chiktan Palace/ Chiktan Khar

The Chiktan Palace or Khar (Khar means Palace), is one of the best work of arts of Leh Ladakh Palaces. It is considered to be a partner and giant than the Leh Palace. Khar is situated profound in the gorge on the sterile massive pillar along the river Indus. The building was designed making use of the butted ground, sludge, stonework, and wood on the strategies of designer Shinkhen Chandan but at the present, only the damages exist. As the Palace had a turning room which utilized to revolve itself with the airflow. There also was a subversive passageway destined for carrying water to the Palace from the mainspring situated at base peak. This area is closer to the Brokpa Area of Dah Biama & Hanu. Read my guide about this region also called Aryan Valley by some.

Zamskhang Palace in Nubra Valley

The Zamskhang Palace is another model of finest architecture in Ladakh. The Palace was the prior home of Monarchs of Nubra. It is designed with sludge, pebble, and grout and it starts with a massive open walkway. These days, the Palace and Stupas from open-air appear in thorough shabbiness and damaged the nation. Here, the Prayer room is complete which is decorated with numerous canvases, Thangkas, and the effigies. Do note that this located on the Sumur-Panamic route, which is a diversion from the usual Diskit-Hunder-Turtuk route frequented by tourists.

Yabgo Royal House: Turtuk, Baltistan

Nubra Turtuk 98
Ibex Horns at Yabgo House

This is the royal house of Turtuk, right at the Line of Control.  While the rest of the Baltistan is Pakistan-occupied, this is on Indian side and your only chance to explore the history and culture of the Balti people. Not only that, the current “King” of the 1000 year old Yabgo dynasty still lives there and meets the tourists. Read my Turtuk Post for more details.

Basgo Fort

Basgo Fort

Basgo Gompa and Fort is another lesser known one located around 40 KMs from Leh, on the Leh-Kargil Highway. It is located atop the hills but easily visible from the highway itself. It was also built by Namgyal rulers in the 16th and 17th century. Read more abour Basgo here.

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