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How to Prepare for Your Next Holiday Overseas: What You Need to Know?

On March 17th, the UK government warned against any non-essential travel abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic. Six days later, any British citizens travelling overseas were ordered to return home. With lockdown being implemented soon after, any plans for domestic holidays were thrown out the window.

Nearly six months on, countries across the world are beginning to ease their restrictions, which may leave you wondering whether it’s safe to book and go on a holiday in the foreseeable future. If you’re a lover of travel and are itching to get out the door, here are some tips on how to prepare for your next trip overseas.

Speak to a Travel Agent

Before booking your next holiday abroad, it’s advised to speak to a travel agent who can give you advice on what destinations are safe to travel to amidst the coronavirus pandemic and which areas are best to avoid. Whether you want to go on a European adventure, head to the United States, or backpack around India, it’s best to get expert advice from those in the know. Booking your trip with a travel agent will mean you are protected, can pay in instalments, and have someone do all the hard work for you which can save you time and money.

Take Out Travel Insurance

Regardless of where you head to in the world, it’s vital that you have travel insurance in place. Many travellers are concerned about heading overseas during the pandemic, which is why you should check out Staysure. The company provides single trip travel insurance that includes COVID-19 cover, meaning should you fall ill before or during your trip, you will be protected. From the moment you purchase your policy, you will have protection, even if your destination is currently listed as dangerous to travel to. Staysure provide emergency medical cover overseas for COVID-19 and 24-hour medical emergency support, helping to give you peace of mind.

Be Realistic

If you have a holiday booked in the coming months, you need to be realistic in the sense of how your experience will be during the coronavirus pandemic. Depending on the destination you travel to, you may need to isolate once you arrive or when you get back to the UK. These measures are in place for your protection and safety. Whether you work from home or you’ve been allowed to return to the office, these procedures may hinder your travel plans, especially if you’re unable to take time off. While many of us are in need of a holiday, you need to be realistic with your plans and only travel if you are able to isolate once you arrive home (even if your destination isn’t currently listed as high-risk)

Stay Safe

Due to COVID-19, there are all sorts of rules and regulations in place that you must abide by throughout your trip. Whether it’s wearing a face covering while on the plane and at your destination, washing your hands regularly, and adhering to social distancing guidelines, all these measures can drastically reduce the risk of you contracting the coronavirus. While there will be noticeable differences throughout your trip, you can still have a great holiday overseas if you stay cautious and adhere to the rules.

Travelling can help reduce stress levels and keep your mental health in check. With the coronavirus pandemic restricting where we can travel to, it’s important that you take all the advice above into account before booking your next holiday overseas.

Jitaditya Narzary

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