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Gushaini to Rolla: Trek to the Beginning


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Gushaini to Rolla 11

Let me wrap this up quickly. I am entering the jungles again tomorrow. So, consider it just to be a teaser. As far as the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is concerned, I have not had it easy. I have been beating around the bushes since 2013 due to various reasons. Since then it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site but my luck has not improved. Firstly there was sort of an information gap because the location is such that it is hard to understand unless you make a few trips yourself. Most people in fact visit Tirthan Valley, without fully realizing what is GHNP. Also, it is one of those places that I cannot really call to be budget-friendly (But it is possible if you have the right contacts).

Gushaini to Rolla 19

I spent a week last year in the nearby areas surrounding Jalori Pass but still could not enter GHNP. Last month I made a deliberate and determined attempt, but got distracted in between. As a result, I had only one day left to do anything meaningful and the result was this trip… to the beginning. Yes, it is basically an 8 KM long trek from Gushaini to the official entry point of GHNP near Rolla. It is probably the only place where even reaching the entry point can be considered a trek in itself.

Gushaini to Rolla 1

Gushaini to Rolla 4

Gushaini to Rolla 2

Gushaini to Rolla 6

Gushaini to Rolla 8

One needs to take permission to go beyond this gate and there is a multi-day, hectic trek possible. But I did not have the time and resources for the same so I was happy to see the gate. However, as I mentioned already, I am back in the area to do some more treks in the eco-zone of GHNP if not the core area. Till then, just enjoy these pics, most of them feature turquoise green water, sundry rhododendrons, and a certain house with an orange and an apricot tree that captured my imagination. I intend to come up with an extensive GHNP guide after this round.

Tirthan Spring Colors

Gushaini to Rolla 12

Gushaini to Rolla 14

Jitaditya Narzary

9 thoughts on “Gushaini to Rolla: Trek to the Beginning”

  1. Some great snaps as always and you’re right, those waters do seem incredibly clean and inviting. And I totally know what you mean about the house with the apricot tree. Such a romantic setting and it really makes one wonder about the lives of those people who live in such isolated yet beautiful spots

  2. 2travellingsisters

    Wow, such a beautiful place! The orange and apricot trees are so inviting, I can imagine how stunning all these are in person. Eagerly waiting to read more about the GHNP guide.

  3. The photos are really beautiful and they inspire going out and explore. I love how you can feel the crisp fresh mountain air just by looking at the photos. The water in the ponds is so clear and the green is so lush. You are lucky to hike through such wonderful scenery.

  4. Shashi Parashar

    Hey – I’m planning for a trek starting 29th – 31st Mar’18 Grade – Moderate Difficult. Could you pls suggest me with some places. It would be great if you can also provide some contact who can help me. I really don’t want to spoil my long weekend.

    Pls help!!

    28th Mar’18 will be starting my Journey from Gurgaon via Motorcycle
    1st Apr’18 – I’m planning to start from suggestion destination.

    Though have contacted several people, but no prompt response hence trying out my luck here..

    Prompt response awaited.. Thanks in advance.

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