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First Time Travelers! Here’s Your Own Personal Travel Guide For Singapore!

Your first time in Singapore? Lucky, you! You’re stepping into a fascinating city chock full of unique attractions. Singapore is the tourist haunt for the Romantic, for Kids, for Adventurers, for History Buffs, Shoppers and Foodies – all at once. Here you’ll find innumerable foodie haunts, adventures, non-stop shopping, captivating interactive museums and more. It’s impossible to see and enjoy everything that Singapore has to offer in just one visit. Take that from us!

The Sightseer’s Singapore

The best part about Singapore is that you can take specialized hop-on-hop-off bus and tram city tours to every interesting corner. Grab a Singapore Travel Guide and get going!

  • Singapore Night Safari: Walk or ride the tram via lovely landscaped trails to spot nocturnal creatures. Singapore Night Safari allows you to climb up platforms to view giraffes, and enter underwater galleries to see otters, pygmy hippos and giant estuarine crocodiles. There are cheetahs and lions behind glass observatories.

    Singapore Night Safari

  • Chinatown and Little India: Delight in Indian and Chinese cultures, food, customs, worship and clothing. Explore the places of worship, unique architecture and celebrate the colorful, vibrant mood that’s infectious.

  • Singapore City: Singapore is a mix of colonial, Sumatran, Malay and Chinese architecture. Get acquainted with Singapore’s icon, the Merlion, as well as other cultural landmarks.

The History Lover’s Singapore

Singapore is a history lover’s dream come true. Nowhere else can you find as many museums and historical sites and landmarks as you can find in Singapore.

  • The Asian Civilizations Museum presents a chronological history of Singapore from pre-British days to modern times via multi-media presentations.

    Asian Civilizations Museum Singapore

  • The National Museum of Singapore offers living displays, theatrical performances and hands-on interactive displays of Singapore’s history.

  • Absorb the treasures stocked in the Changi Chapel & Museum, The Alive Museum, Madame Tussauds, National Gallery Singapore and other museums.

  • The Indian Heritage Center has a wealth of artifacts that document the progress of Singapore’s development.

The Shopper’s Singapore!

Singapore is probably best known for the variety of shopping it offers and is rightly called the Shopping Mecca of the East!

  • Mustafa Centre: Alleyways in Little India offer great ethnic goods, saris, colorful Indian garb and Ayurvedic herbs, but nothing like Mustafa Center. This 24/7 shopping mall’s five floors are chock full of merchandise of every imaginable kind.

    Mustafa Centre Singapore

  • Chinatown: The best place to head to for some inexpensive clothing, silks, herbs and Chinese souvenirs.

  • Orchard Road: The whole of Orchard Road (2.2 kilometers) is a shopping gala selling everything from kitschy souvenirs, fashion, and jewelry to designer handbags!

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The Kiddies’ Singapore!

Kids enjoy the exciting kind of fun, the kind that helps their blood sing. The Singapore zoo is a winner with kids, as is Sentosa Island and its adventures.

  • Jurong Bird Park: This is the world’s largest bird park, housing 380 species of birds from all over the world in walk-through aviaries and innovative structures.

    Singapore Jurong Bird Park

  • Sentosa Island: Innumerable water rides, water sports, manmade beach, 3D and 4D interactive gaming and movies, plenty of kiddie parks and picnic areas.

  • Spend a day in Pulau Ubin

  • Pulau Ubin: The island of Pulau Ubin is a green paradise. Take your kids biking to see admire the wildlife at Chek Jawa Wetlands, and check out the oldest villages of the city.

  • Kidzania: This educational theme park allows children to dress up and travel to work in kid-sized cars. Over 80 real-life scenarios let them be real journalists, lawyers and doctors.

  • Singapore Flyer: Nothing is more exciting than a ride on the world’s second-largest Ferris Wheel. Kids love the panoramic views and the sheer excitement of being so high up!

The Nature Freak’s Singapore

We know that the nature lover will head straight to where there’s greenery and flowers. Singapore doesn’t disappoint in that area at all! There are many notable gardens in the city, many of which are historical sites.

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens: Open almost all hours, these gardens hold a number of botanical delights, such as the National Orchid Garden, a small rainforest, children’s garden and garden of evolution.

  • Gardens by the Bay: Immensely beautiful garden of 101-hectares, with 18 Supertrees, which are metal structures and foliage together, creating living sculptures. There are 10 gardens within the Gardens of the Bay, all of them based on horticultural themes. That apart, there are heritage gardens –Chinese, Indian, Malay and Colonial.

    Gardens by the Bay

The Foodie’s Singapore

Explore not hotels, but street stalls and small foodie haunts in alleyways. Sign up for the Singapore Food Tour for a thorough introduction to Singapore’s multi-cultural cuisine.

Singapore food

  • Street Stalls: Almost every food stall, hawker’s stall and fancy hotel will serve you Singapore’s unofficial dish, Chicken Rice. The other fav dish here is Chilli Crabs – mud crabs fried in a savory sauce.

  • Char Kway Teow: A popular noodle dish, served with Lap cheongs (Chinese sausages).

  • Cocktails: The Singapore Sling dates back to 1919. It’s a combination of Cherry Heering, gin, fresh pineapple juice and Benedictine.

Indian, South-East, and Chinese and Malay cuisines – you’ll find them all at various food streets, stalls and little eateries around the corner.

The Adventurer’s Singapore!

Singapore has many retail joyrides and extreme sports lined up for you. From sky-diving to water sports to river safari, there’s not a moment to feel bored!

  • Indoor Sky Diving: Indoor sky diving is the best way to simulate the thrill of a real free-fall, in controlled environs.

  • Water Adventures: Singapore’s Cove Waterpark offers snorkeling over coral reefs along with 20,000 fishes, boating down Adventure River, rushing through the hydro-magnetic coaster and more.

  • Formula One Adventure: Unleashing Lamborghinis and Ferraris on Singapore’s own Formula One circuit is the most exciting adventure that Singapore offers.

  • River Safari: Boating through the river in a river-themed wildlife park to meet over 5,000 animals including the giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia

Singapore offers endless activities for every kind of tourist, no matter whether they seek adventure, romance or history. It’s the best place for adults, seniors, kids and the in-betweeners to identify their interests and enjoy themselves to the full!

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