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Ensuring Safety and Sanity While Travelling: Some Tips for Rookies

We have all had difficult experiences during our travels. Bad days can happen to anyone, and frankly, sometimes things are just not in our control. However, we can avoid many of these situations by being careful enough and by having some common sense. Newbie travellers especially seem to make a lot of basic errors that are avoidable. So, here are a few tips from my own experiences.

Distribute Your Valuables

Recently, a friend of mine lost his camera. To make matters worse, he also had passport, cash, and cards in the same camera bag. As the elders say, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. It is not uncommon to lose something while travelling. Hedge the risk by keeping all your valuables in different places.

Get an international SIM Card

In this day and age, not having good connectivity is a nighmare. But travelling to a different country can always cause some problems in this regard and the SIM from your contry may not work in another. The best way to avoid all the hassle in this case is to get a reliable international SIM card that can keep you connected with your people no matter where you are.

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Make Copies of Documents

While travelling abroad, always make copies of important documents, such as your passport. Keep them safe and separate. In case you lose something, these copies should be your first line of defence.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not a new concept. But in this volatile world, it has become much more necessary. We hope that nothing happens, but let’s face it. Things can always go wrong. So, opt for a good travel insurance plan, especially if you are going abroad and travelling long-term.

Ensure Medical Backup

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere. Insurance can cover some of your costs, but ultimately it is about arranging proper medical attention when you need the most. This is why it is a good idea to get a membership with a reliable service like MedjetAssist that can arrange emergency transportation in the countries that you intend to visit.

Don’t Be Stupid

Hope you have recently heard of those two guys who got caught in Thailand for doing whatever they were doing? Yes, it is sad that even this has to be told, but just don’t be stupid. Travelling is more than a set of Instagram pictures. Respect the sociopolitical norms of the country and don’t wear your beliefs and ideologies on your sleeves.

Photo Backups

So, you bought a big 128 GB card for your camera to last the whole trip? That’s convenient, but what if you lose it on the last day of the trip? I take my photography very seriously, and such possibilities give me sleepless nights. I keep transferring my images to my laptop and publish or back them up constantly. Not everyone likes that, but this is the best way to minimize the risk of losing your memories.

It is not that hard to have a safe trip. You just have to take a few precautions and avoid doing certain things. The world is a beautiful place. Just don’t let these small worries prevent you from enjoying it.

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