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Best Food Hacks for Travelling

Whether it’s chilaquiles in Mexico, Sauerbraten in Germany or Kimchi in South Korea, every country has its own unique dishes and flavours to enjoy when travelling. During your trip you are likely to venture out to local restaurants some of the time but may also want some easy snacks for your hotel room or to eat on the go.

These helpful food hacks may come in handy on your next big adventure:

Avoid Unsafe Foods

Illnesses caused by food and drink are more common in countries with poorer access to clean water or resources for maintaining hygiene. cooked food is often safest and should be served fresh and steaming hot.

Raw seafood and unpasteurised dairy products can carry the risk of making you sick, as can salads and fruits washed in unclean water. 

Do not request ice in your beverage if there is the risk of unsafe tap water.

Pack lots of Healthy Snacks

If you are travelling between destinations, have a layover or a busy itinerary, finding the time to source food can be a challenge. Keeping packaged snacks in your bag in a sensible idea to prevent hunger.

Snacks such as Gluten free bacon jerky is perfect for this occasion and provides a good source of protein. Cereal bars, pretzels and pre-packaged fruits and sandwiches will also do the trick.

Take note of food restrictions in some countries

If taking food in your hand luggage or suitcase on a flight, be aware that some countries have more restrictions than others. For example, Australia bans fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, un-canned meats, and whole salmon from being imported without the correct permit. 

Check official government websites for the countries you are visiting before you fly. 

Bring a durable Water Bottle

Bring a plastic or metal water bottle (or two) on your trip, this is helpful for when you are out and about. You can save cash by purchasing large bottles of water to store at your accommodation and decanting some into your bottle when you go out.

Find local Farmer’s Markets

Fruits at a local market
Fruits at a local market in Sri Lanka

You might not want to eat out at restaurants and cafes for every breakfast, lunch and dinner on your trip as the costs soon add up. Preparing some meals and snacks at your accommodation saves money and time.

Many cities and towns will have a local farmers market, this is where you can find the freshest fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. You may even find some local delicacies that you have yet to try.

It may be a risk, but you can also try the street food. It is important when trying street food to choose the vendor carefully to avoid hygiene related sickness.

Stock up on a few items when you find a market, so you’ll always have food on hand for when you start to feel hungry. 

Make use of the hotel mini fridge

Many hotel rooms in most countries will have a mini fridge. Sometimes these have drinks and snacks within them that you must pay the hotel for. Make some room and save money by buying and preparing your own snacks and drinks and storing them in the mini fridge.

Remember that some states and countries have hotter weather than you might be used to, so food you would usually leave out might melt or spoil faster in these conditions. 

Use the hotel kettle for food and drinks.

While many people use the hotel kettle (if provided) to make hot beverages such as tea and coffee, you can also use it to prepare quick snacks and meals. Taking some plastic cutlery and bowls/plates with you is a good idea for this reason.

Oatmeal, instant pasta, noodles, boiled eggs, soups, and some canned foods can all be cooked with a standard hotel kettle. 

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