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A Shopaholic in Dubai: 8 things you can bring home for unbelievably low prices

Being the hub of luxury and posh shopping centers, Dubai is well-known for shopping tourism. Located in the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is a global city that boasts of being the central business capital of Western Asia. Skyscrapers kissing the clouds, the latest and most luxurious automobiles roving on the buzzing streets, flashy lights, vigorous nightlife, and ample shopping centers ranging from local souqs to ostentatious shopping malls are few of the many things that attract tourists from all over the globe to Dubai like swarms of flies.

The motto of the official tourism website of Dubai says, “Discover all that’s possible,” and as for Dubai, there cannot be a better suited motto. Dream for something, and it can be found in Dubai. That is how big a market this global city is. The grandiose Dubai Shopping Festival that takes place annually and lasts for over a month can appease the wildest fantasies of any shopaholic with an unparalleled experience and bags full of souvenirs to carry home from this magical city.

The diversity in options is one of the focal points that make Dubai an ultimate shopping destination. Be it the most exclusive and expensive internationally branded goodie, or be it a local find at a throwaway price, Dubai is a shopping haven for anyone and everyone. Shopping without burning a hole in the pocket is a cakewalk in Dubai if you know the reasonable shopping destinations. The Outlet Village, located in Jebel Ali, is one of the best options if you are looking for branded fashion at convenient rates. This is one such place that puts up goods on sale throughout the year.

A sure-to-find destination on our Dubai Tour Packages, the Outlet Mall situated in Dubai-Al Ain Road, is a similar place that has branded yet factory rejected products, at a minimal price range. Dragon Mart of International City can be referred to as a mini China created in Dubai. This grandiose mall has everything to please the craving of a shopaholic at prices easy on the pocket. If you are good at bargaining, then Karama and Naif Souqs are the place for you. These are a few of the cheapest spots to go on a shopping spree at.

Dubai is a flashy city that is, most of the time, eye candy for visitors because of the pricey products, available across malls. But there are some souvenirs that don’t cost an arm and a leg and shouldn’t be missed to pack up while leaving Dubai. Here are few-

  1. Electronic Goods

Though Dubai is not a manufacturing hub for electronics, it is easy to find gadgets and other electronic appliances at relatively cheaper rates in Dubai markets. Smartphones, watches, televisions, music players, etc. can be found at discounted rates, especially in the Al Fahidi Street of Bur Dubai, Sharaf DG stores, and at other electronic stores sprinkled across the city.


  1. Gold

No, there aren’t gold mines in Dubai. But ‘The City of Gold’ offers gold and diamond jewelry at a lower price as compared to most of the other markets across the world. The infamous Gold Souq of Dubai is sure to make any eyes sparkle with the vivid and lustrous gold jewelry that is crafted finely to meet the latest trends in the market. Apart from gold, diamonds and platinum are also available at reasonable rates from the gold haven of Dubai.

  1. Oud and Bakhoor

Oud and Bakhoor are exceptional Arabian fragrances that impart a unique aroma, which is recognized as the uniqueness of Arabian streets. Made from agar trees, oud is a very expensive fragrance oil that could be purchased at a relatively lower price from the Perfume Souq in Deira or from the Spice Souq. Bakhoor is the chip of the Agar tree that is burnt with fragrant oils to create a very pleasant and distinctive aroma. Bakhoor is also used in potpourris and other air fresheners.

  1. Persian Rugs and Carpets

For the love of beautiful and classy interiors, there isn’t a better investment to make than on a Persian rug and no better place to hoard it from than Dubai. Persian rugs are usually very expensive for the intricate and exclusive craftsmanship involved in its making. But while in Dubai, these beauties could be bagged at a relatively lower price from the National Iranian Carpets or the Persian Carpet House located in Souq Madinet Jumeirah.

  1. Dry Fruits, Nuts and Dates

Dry fruits, nuts, and dates are rich sources of nutrients that could be consumed raw and are the standard snacks of Arabs. There is no better place to hoard these nutrient-packed snacks than from the markets of Dubai. Retail sellers of dates and dry fruits could be found in every nook and corner of Dubai, and the best spots to shop these are from the Dates Souq of Deira Market or from the Festival City.

  1. Pashmina Shawls

One of the unique souvenirs that could be carried home to reminisce the wonderful Dubai days would be Pashmina Shawls. Made from delicate goat hairs and silk, original Pashmina shawls can be a bit heavy on the pocket, but there are ample number of dupes available in the market at throwaway prices.

  1. Camel Milk Chocolates

A specialty of Dubai, camel milk chocolates, is a mouth-watering relic that could be taken along from Dubai to relish the sweet Dubai memories while on the flight back home. Al Nassma is the only brand that produces these one of a kind of chocolates and could be found at all Al Nassma outlets.

  1. Lanterns and lamps

Taking a stroll through the Dragon Mart or the through the souq of Karama can light up the eyes and soul with myriads of bright colors. The lamps and lanterns found in the markets of Dubai are so unique and multifarious that it looks like a scene from right out of an Arabic play. There is no better souvenir to carry back from Dubai than an Aladdin lamp or a beautifully colored lantern.

The shopping experience in Dubai is sure to be flabbergasted, and as for the shopaholics, Dubai would be your wildest fantasy comes true, especially if the visit is during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Shopping in Dubai would be one experience of its kind that shouldn’t be missed for the world. 

Jitaditya Narzary

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