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10 Can’t-Miss Attractions at Yas Waterworld, Yas Island Abu Dhabi

When all you want is to break free from the monotony of — work, home, repeat — even for a day and squeeze in a splash of adventure, Yas Waterworld, Yas Island Abu Dhabi will answer your call. 

A thrill-seeker’s home away from home, Yas Waterworld offers over 40 head-spinning rides (with 18 more on the way!), daring slides, and incredible experiences for the whole family, not to mention theme park deals to keep the fun going all year round.

Wondering what’s inside those castle-themed gates? Well, then come on in and find out.

10 Unmissable Rides and Experiences at Yas Waterworld

A single day will never do justice to all of Yas Waterworld’s wonderful attractions. However, if you’re pressed for time, here’s a list of a few of this emirates-themed waterpark’s heavy-hitters to get you started:

1. Underwater VR Experience

For the first time ever in the UAE, you can now experience the thrill of virtual reality while being completely submerged in water. A full-body sensory experience, this ride takes you on a journey through four different worlds, each with its unique terrain and playful inhabitants.

Choose between Ocean DIVR, a drift dive through submarines, wrecks and coves; Sky DIVR, a glide down the slopes of a mesmeric mountain; Space DIVR, a floating adventure above an abandoned space station, and Journey to Lost City, a daring plunge into the depths of mysterious waters with a friendly seal as your guide.

2. Falcon’s Falaj

A falaj is a water passage traditionally dug into the earth for irrigation. It wasn’t until Falcon’s Falaj, however, that people thought to climb into yellow rafts and brave their way through one.

At 300 meters, Falcon’s Falaj is the longest water coaster in the Middle East. Hop on, hold on to your dinghy’s handles and brace yourself for some scream-worthy spins, twists and drops.

3. Jebel Drop

Adrenaline junkies, you might want to line up early for this one. When the word “jebel,” aka “mountain” in Arabic, meets “drop,” you know that a heart-racing plunge is exactly what you’re in for.

Before you cross those arms and legs and let gravity take over, remember to take in the panoramic view of Yas Waterworld at the peak.

4. Dawwama

The world’s largest six-person, hydromagnetic-powered tornado water coaster, Dawwama is a ride that will take you to the edge of your seat and then some. 

This high-velocity 235-meter-long raft ride starts with a drop from a mountaintop-like height, then off you go, zooming into a 20-meter high tornado funnel before a grand splashy finale.

5. Hamlool’s Humps

Continuing the drop-and-splash streak, but this time from a whopping height of 10 stories with two colossal bumps that’ll send you flying through the air is Hamlool’s Humps. 

How fast can you say “speed slide”? Probably not as quickly as you will be going down this one. 

6. Liwa Loop

Liwa Loop is the Middle East’s first free-fall waterslide. The experience starts with you stepping into a launch capsule. Next, you’ll need to cross your arms and legs, stand upright and brace yourself for a three-second countdown.

After the final beep, a trapdoor beneath your feet will open (usually followed by a scream), sending you plummeting down a series of loops at a record-breaking speed.

7. Bandit Bomber

Laser tag meets water park meets roller coaster. That’s the best way to describe Bandit Bomber, the crown jewel of Yas Waterworld. 

A suspended coaster with an interactive water system, Bandit Bomber is an adrenaline-pumping 31.1 mph ride with enough g-forces and special effects behind it to fill the odometer of even the most diehard of thrill-seekers.

Buckle up, grab your car’s laser gun and blast away at targets to set off water cannons, geysers and jets all while zooming through steep turns, curves and bunny hills.

8. Bubbles Barrel

A surfer at heart? Head down to Bubbles Barrel, the largest sheet wave in the world. Here, you can learn how to balance yourself, position your feet and barrel through the perfect wave.

Choreograph your moves to the flow and rhythm of this double hump speed slide, no matter your skill level.

9. Sebag

Side-by-side yet head-to-head; that’s the Sebag way. Grab your friends and family and see who can make it to the bottom of this six-lane mat racer slide first. 

10. Amwaj Wave Pool

A beautiful ending to a great day at Yas Waterworld, Amwaj Wave Pool is where you can relax and let the ebb and flow of four gentle wave patterns melt your stress away.

Visit Yas Waterworld Today

All this is but a taste of what Yas Waterworld presents to its visitors. Inside those walls, there’s so much more to discover, from several other world-class attractions and shows to various delicious dining options and shopping outlets.  

So, take that long overdue break and treat yourself to an unforgettable day at Yas Waterworld, the best water park in the Middle East. 

PC: andy_bay/Pixabay

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