Where to go while in Ukraine?

Eastern Europe is known for beautiful and friendly countries with rich history and hospitable people, and Ukraine is one of them. Here one can have a great vacation.

Special places in the capital

Nowadays, Ukraine is not very popular destination for tourism as economic situation here is not stable; but, still, interest in this country is starting to rise due to some political and cultural events.

Any tour agency will provide a curious tourist with a lot of attractive offers and give a huge list of places to visit. Agents will also recommend you a various tours in Ukraine if you are planning to visit more than one city and if one don’t have enough time to enjoy the full beauty of this country professionals will advise you some special places in the city you are staying in.

While staying in Kyiv, there are a lot of possibilities to have a quality time and to enjoy oneself. The capital offers you countless options to get involved in its daily life. Here are some tips on where to go and to witness the most memorable places in the city:

  • Landscape alley is hard to find for tourists, but surely worth attention. Here one can find modern sculptures and observe a magnificent panorama at Dnipro River and Podil;
  • Don’t waste an opportunity to try Kiev funicular as it connects the downtown with Podil and has a great view to the Dnipro River. Podil is an old and one of the most popular districts that will be interesting for a foreigner to visit. Old narrow streets, a walk along a river bank and a lot of small coffees will make you day.  Here you will find the Riverboat Station and take part in a boat trip;
  • Kiev Golden Gate is located right in the city center and gives a glimpse into the times of Kiev Rus;
  • House with Chimeras created by famous architect Gorodetskiy and surrounded by various legends.

Kiev is full of surprises and before visiting one should create a detailed route.

Ukrain 2

Western Ukraine


Western part of Ukraine has a rich cultural background and is a must for every experienced traveller.

One of the most popular cities in Ukraine is Lviv. It reminds us of Krakow and Wrocław in Poland as the architecture is quite similar. Lviv is an ancient city which preserved its narrow pebbled streets and beautiful houses. This city is truly European and has a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

If you are a ski lover, then it is a must to visit Buckovel, Yaremche or Dragobrat districts in winter. Any tourist will find great facilities for winter sports and enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

Ukrain 1In Truskavets and Morshin, anyone can improve their health due to the unique springs.

Needless to say that if you decide to visit Ukraine this country will exceed all your expectation as the nature here is astonishing, and you will find truly remarkable places to spend your vacation. I have also been planning to explore other areas of Eastern Europe. I have been primarily interested in a couple of countries specifically. Recently I have come accross both Armenia and Montenegro Tour Packages, both are new countries that are rarely talked about by people. 

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