Exploring Nashville Through Its Many Sobriquets

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Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and a major city in the Southeastern region of the United States. It is also the epicenter of the country music scene, apart from being a center of local industry and education. A visit to Nashville is always a rewarding experience especially if you are a music lover. In fact, one of the epithet given to Nashville is that of the “Music City,” due to the role it played in modern American country music and its various subgenres. However, the charm of the city is not limited to music only. So, let us explore the city through a few other epithets and find out what more can you do in this beautiful city.

Athens of the South

Nashville houses several institutions of higher education. Due to its contribution to the field of education, it has always been compared with Athens, the ancient Greek capital which can easily be described as the birthplace of western civilization. In order to further strengthen this image, a full-scale replica of the iconic Parthenon stands in Nashville. Also, if you roam around the city, you will find many beautiful buildings showcasing classical architecture that go well with this nickname.

Little Kurdistan

The Kurds are a brave and beautiful community from the Middle East that have had a turbulent history. Many of them have settled down in the west to avoid persecution. Even now some of them are waging a grim war against the ISIS back home. Nashville plays host to the largest concentration of Kurdish People in the United States with the Little Kurdistan community just off the south side in Nolensville Pike area. There is no better place in the country than Nashville to explore their unique culture and heritage.

The Protestant Vatican

According to one estimate, Nashville has more than 700 churches. So, due to a combination of its musical and religious heritage, a strong Christian music scene has also developed in this city. If you do love your gospels and want to have a more spiritual experience, this city has many options for you.

The Hot Chicken Capital

Now, when in Nashville, the foodies should not feel left behind. The Nashville Hot Chicken, also known as “hot chicken” is an iconic Nashville original dish. It is a heavenly preparation of chicken sprinkled with fiery cayenne pepper that every self-respecting foodie must try at least once in a lifetime. Though the recipe has spread throughout the United States, Nashville is still the best place to savor the spicy meal.

Nash Vegas

Finally, rest assured that it is also a very modern and cosmopolitan city that teeming with glitz and glamour. It is so glamorous that it draws comparison with Las Vegas. In short, it is a great place to live and enjoy life.

So, do you need any more reason to pay a visit to Nashville? If you are wondering about accommodation options in Nashville, that should not worry you either. There are scores of hotels in all possible budgets across the city to fulfill your needs.

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  1. I love the informative blogs which you keep sharing from time to time. Off late I have developed a fascination of Greek architecture. I would love to see and study some Greek buildings myself.

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