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Eclectic Bucket List Things to Do In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia might be a whole new world for you. Every inch of this corner of the world is brimming with amazing details, whether it’s a natural landscape or a breathtaking temple.

It’s the corner of the world that is renowned for its extremes – colossal, ancient pieces of engineering mixed with untamed natural splendour.

Oftentimes, these two go hand in hand, almost like the ideal example of symbiosis between man and the world. It is a truly unique place with quite a few bucket list things to do in several of the most jaw-dropping locations you could ever visit!

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

You’d be spoiled for choices if you have honed in on this corner of the world as the ultimate hiking destination; it is simply too topographically rich. However, if you are looking for a quintessential Southeast Asia hiking adventure, look no further than Cameron Highlands – a region that is renowned for tea and amazing trails.

Pack light for this trip, keep your luggage contained in one backpack so the trek itself will be easier on you. To retain your agility while moving, think in terms of all-in-one items.

Multi-purpose items such as cutting-edge smartphones and the latest generation of smartwatches bear the ultimate value in this sense – they are the alarm clock, the camera, GPS and a tour guide. Have your own eco-friendly reusable water bottle and an extra pair of hiking boots strapped to your backpack and get ready to cut through the most opulent slopes of green you’ve ever seen.

The majority of the region is still pretty wild, so you’ll have to rely on maps to cover the region between Penang and Kuala Lumpur, but it is far from difficult. It is more about marvelling at sights than the difficulty of the trek, and you are likely to encounter many groups of hikers if you embark during the weekend.

Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia

And we are kicking off with one of the most famous locations in the whole world, the legendary Angkor Archeological Park, a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance of civilization. There is not a chance this location can be overhyped for you – the temples of Angkor are simply too vast, complex and gaudy to leave anyone indifferent. As such, it is a perfect bucket list locale.

Angkor Wat is the central hub where most tourists flock, but keep in mind that this archaeological park covers 400 square kilometres, and there are countless jaw-dropping archeological treasure troves to discover along the way!

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Even if you haven’t heard of Halong Bay by name, you’ve almost certainly seen it on television or the cover of National Geographic. The marvellous Bay of Descending Dragons is imposing limestone rocks that rise tall out of the turquoise sea and provide a marvellous backdrop for people that are looking for life-affirming experiences. Once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget them.

If you have the opportunity (and financial backing) to embark on a cruise of the region, you’ll be in for a special treat, especially if you can prolong the experience to last for a few days or more. This also grants you a chance to land on islets themselves and explore them further.

The only matter you should be wary about paying this region a visit between June and September, simply because it is a monsoon season.


You may have heard of some of the corners of southeast Asia mentioned here, which is a testament to their popularity and uniqueness. The crowds might have beat you to it, but make no mistake – even the most frequented locales will leave you utterly gobsmacked with wonder!

If you let yourself savor the experience with all your senses, it is bound to be a life-changing trip that will leave a mark on you until the day you die.

Jitaditya Narzary

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