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Blinctrip Review: Reimagining Flight Booking Through Door to Door Experience

Does the world need another booking app?

That was the first question that popped up in my mind when I got an opportunity to try out Blinctrip, a new flight booking app in the market already saturated with many others who’ve been here for more than a decade. Naturally, I was intrigued. What more can be done here and do people really need it?

As it turns out, Blinctrip does go a step further compared to other options although there’s much more it can add to its array of features to make it a truly revolutionary product. Anyway, the purpose of Blinctrip is clear. Its involvement doesn’t end with booking a flight but Door to Door convenience is what it promises. Let’s have a detailed look.

Blinctrip Review

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Blinctrip Review: It reimagines the way you plan your travel

Yes, you can book domestic flights as well as international flights through Blinctrip but it claims to go beyond that and presents itself as a personal travel assistant designed to help you have a hassle-free and convenient trip. We are using Mumbai to Dubai Flight as an example to show how it works.

It doesn’t exactly do something unheard of, yet, it reimagines and organizes the flight booking and travel planning experience as an intelligent travel companion that resides on your phone and informs and guides you throughout the trip.

How is it Different?

Transparent Booking Process

The good thing about Blinctrip is that the booking process is completely transparent about the price you pay. You can book from this app and it also provides various offers and discounts. However, it also shows prices from other major booking apps and in case another app has a lower price, it provides a link to that app. So, you can book at the lowest rate from wherever it is available but still come back to Blinctrip to use its planning services.

Hassle-free Travel: Documents & Itinerary Planning

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Blinctrip tried to be the singular solution for managing your entire trip. It has a document section where you can upload and save all the digital documents including IDs, boarding pass, vaccination certificates etc, so that you don’t have to search for them everytime. 

The app requires you to add a “Trip” before you start. It includes your destination information and your flight details. If you have booked your flight through Blinctrip, it’ll capture the details anyway but you can also enter the details manually, especially if you have booked from another app due to lower price as mentioned above. 

To be honest, it may take some time to figure out all the features of the app to fully utilize it but after one trip you should get accustomed to it.

Trip Mode and Timely Notifications

Once you add a trip, the app keeps track of it till you reach your last destination. The all-new Trip Mode activates 5-6 hrs before the flight and alerts you about the flight status, tells you the time you must leave home, guides you to the boarding gate, and provides baggage belt information when you arrive and much more.

Basically, it provides granular details about everything you may possibly need to know during a trip. For example, it also tells you the legroom you have for the seat assigned to you, which can be vital information during a longish flight. Timely notifications keep showing up on your phone and it also informs you in case there is a change or a delay for some reasons.

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Timely notifications

Post Flight Services in Blinctrip

The trip doesn’t end once you land. What Blinctrip calls “door to door” planning, intends to provide a bunch additional information till you get your destination hotel/home after landing.

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You can find information about local attractions once you land in the city. It also provides you information about restaurants in your locality. In fact, it has tied up with leading restaurant aggregator Zomato for this information. 

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Scopes of Improvement for Blinctrip

It is a new and exciting addition to the market of travel booking and planning apps. It does have a few scopes for improvement. The app is still very new and a lot of processes are still being developed. I think it’ll be more useful once it includes hotel and cab booking directly from the app (these options are coming soon from what I have heard).

Additionally, since it talks about door to door experience, it can go further and include more local activities such as local events, festivals, walks etc. 

As a budget traveller, I’d also like the app to go beyond flights and implement the same system for Railways. It can also include public transport details such as metro stations etc. 

In fact, this is the issue with most new services and not only Blinctrip. The Indian market is somewhat different from a country such as the US. A much larger chunk travels on trains and other modes of public transport. While some of them can be chaotic, there are premium trains and bus services that can easily be covered through such an app.

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Blinctrip Star Rating & Quick Review
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Blinctrip app reimagines the travel booking and planning process as a hassle-free romp where every practical detail is tracked and fed to the user at the right time. 

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