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Trabug: Best Pocket Wi-Fi and Mobile Rental for Foreigners in India

One of the primary problems faced by foreign tourists in India is that of connectivity. Although internet penetration has gradually imporved, there are still a lot of places in this vast country where you wish you had something on your own to remain connected with the world. If you type “How to buy a sim card in India” into Google or any other search engine, you will undoubtedly be hit by a plethora of websites that detail the cumbersome simcard verification process for foreigners in India. Phone and internet connectivity requires compatible devices as well as a lot of formalities, which can be cumbersome for new visitors, especially if you don’t have any local contacts and are not exactly familiar with the ways of this country.

In fact, Tourists looking to buy an Indian SIM have to virtually jump through hoops, furnish a variety of documents and wait upto 3 days for a functioning 4g Indian Sim card. That’s a lot of time and effort wasted that could be spent exploring the beaches of Goa, practicing Yoga in the laps of the Himalayas or just exploring all the sights and sound the country has to offer.

On top of that, International Data roaming in India is very expensive. Why spend so much just to use your foreign phone in India, travelling in India, or anywhere else for that matter, can get expensive. This market always required a new innovation. Finally, I think I have found that in Trabug and I am sharing this for my non-Indian readers who are planning to visit India. Trabug is India’s first and only travel phone and mobile hotspot rental company for tourists hopes to provide an easier and cheaper solution!


Trabug offers a travel phone and a portable wifi hotspot device powered by a 4g SIM card on a rental basis, catering specifically to foreign tourists visiting India! Trabug is designed by and for travellers, setting your needs as their highest  priority. The phone comes with preinstalled apps (forex, taxi bookings) necessary for travel and along with an easily rechargeable hotspot device powered by a 4G connection and lets you connect upto 10 devices and boasts of a long battery life of almost 8 hours! Both the devices come in convenient sizes  and abundant choice of plans to cater to your specific needs! . Trabug also provides doorstep delivery and pickup services to and from anywhere your adventures in India might take you, feel free to drop it off almost anywhere in India when you leave! To know the rates and all the technical details, visit the official website of Trabug.

India is often called chaotic by visitors, which is considered exoic by some but can also get exhausting. It is easier for locals who have grown up with it and are use to the system but if you are new in India, you can literally get lost (I have seen many such cases over the years during my travels around the country). That is why, I think solutions like these are the way forward in making life easier for the visitors.

Jitaditya Narzary

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