A Family Vacation In A Foreign Destination Should Be On Your Bucket List

Travelling abroad has many challenges. Seasoned backpackers can easily deal with most of the obstacles but it always gets difficult with families, especially with kids and elderly people. However, it should not be too hard if you plan it well and keep a few basic things in mind in order to ensure a safe trip. Here are a few things that we’d suggest everyone to keep in mind.

Planning your trip

When you are travelling with the family, you don’t have the luxury to just go ahead and find out whether a particular itinerary works for you or not. Your plans need to be perfect and for that reason, you need to spend a good amount of time researching your travel requirements. This means being completely sure about what you want to do during the trip and also about booking all possible travel and accommodation options as far as possible.

Know Your Food

Food can always be an issue with families, especially if you are a vegan, or have some sort of allergies. However, again, a bit of prior research can help you handle this issue. Thankfully, veganism is a growing trend all over the world and I have seen many blog posts where bloggers list out vegan-friendly places in popular tourist destinations and cities. Even global brands take it seriously. So, do some research before leaving and more often than not, you should be fine.


While most tourists generally follow a certain type of unwritten dress code, it is better to dress like a local and blend in. The most important thing however is to ensure that your clothes match the weather conditions of the destination you are visiting. Especially for colder regions, ensure you are prepared for snow as well with adequate clothing and protection.

Medicines and First-Aid

Everyone carries some basic medicines with them but depending on the country of visit, figure out what may be required. If you are traveling to a mountainous region like Switzerland or Alaska, carry some altitude sickness medicines too. If you are traveling to tropical areas, be careful about stomach ailments.

Insure Properly

Travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular with people to ensure safe trips and provide cover for any exigencies – not to forget you can easily buy travel insurance online nowadays. But not all insurance plans are applicable for everyone or in all contexts. While getting an insurance, especially for international travel, do spare some time understanding the terms and conditions. For example, you should check the number of countries being covered by the plan, the nature of customer service available, and whether the plan is customizable. Also, it is advisable to explore senior citizen travel insurance to make sure your grandparents or parents are also covered when on a trip abroad.

Overall, it is a really great experience to go on a vacation with the family and should be done at least once. It is just that the planning must begin much before the trip and you must always be careful about all the details. A good family travel insurance is a must and so is the preplanning of your entire itinerary.

Jitaditya Narzary

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