3 Reasons to Move to Wilmington, NC

Have you been feeling like your life could use a makeover?

Maybe you’ve just gotten a new job, and you want to live closer to the office. Maybe you’re single and looking to get out of town with your friends, or maybe you’re married and looking for somewhere new to start a family. Or—maybe you just really, really hate where you live right now, and you need a change.

Whatever it is that brought you here, we have some good news: new life awaits in Wilmington, North Carolina! And it’s time to make a move—because Wilmington is the place where dreams come true.

And if you are still on the fence about making a move to Wilmington, NC well, don’t worry—we’ve got three reasons why Wilmington is your new home. If you don’t need any more convincing, you may want to consider hiring one of the many moving companies in Wilmington to start planning your move to the area. 

About Wilmington, North Carolina

At first glance, Wilmington is a pretty cute town. With a population of just 115,451 people, it’s big enough that you can escape the claustrophobia of small-town life—but not so big that you’ll get lost in the shuffle. Wilmington’s got a great vibe to it: fun and friendly but also laid back and low-key. The diverse culture encourages an open-minded attitude that makes the city feel like home almost right away.

And then? There are the beaches. If you love being close to the water, these are the beaches for you! They’re clean and well maintained—and if you’re lucky enough to live here full time, there’s always room for another towel or two (or three). The cost of living here is also affordable: $338,718 on average for a house (which is about $36K lower than the national average). And with mouthwatering dishes from some of the area’s best restaurants, your taste buds will be thanking you every single day for relocating here.

Close to the Beach

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing quite like stepping on a sandy beach, sinking your toes into the sand, and letting the gentle breeze kiss your face. But if you’re going to get the most out of beach visits, you need them to be quick, easy, and frequent. And that’s just what Wilmington offers: it’s a short drive from Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, and its home to plenty of gorgeous outdoor areas where you can take in the sand without making a long drive.

Plenty of Delicious Restaurants

Want to indulge in some delicious grub? Perhaps you’re looking for a new go-to spot for date night, or maybe you’re just planning a fun evening out with friends. Either way, there are plenty of high-quality restaurants here in Wilmington.

For example, if you’re looking for a nice seafood restaurant that provides an upbeat atmosphere, no one does it better than the Cape Fear Seafood Company. Or maybe you enjoy the finer things in life and want to treat yourself to an incredible steak. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to make your way over to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Speaking of steak, we can’t talk about delicious foods without mentioning what is arguably America’s favorite cuisine: barbecue! And if you’re looking for mouthwatering barbecue, then look no further than Fork n Cork. If you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere that serves up some of the best barbecues this side of the Mississippi River, then this is where you’ll want to be!

Home Affordability

When you think about living in Wilmington, North Carolina, there are a lot of reasons you might want to consider—the ocean, the weather, the history. But one of the best reasons is that the cost of living here is 4% below the national average, and the average cost of a house here is $300,000+.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means your money can go farther here than it could in other places—and when you’re talking about buying a home, that’s definitely a good thing.

The average cost for a home in Wilmington is $338,718, which is well below the national average of $374,900 – a difference of almost $36,000! That’s great news for your bank account!

But the price isn’t everything. You also want to know that what you’re getting for your money is worth it. In Wilmington, we’ve got some beautiful homes built by some of the best craftsmen and construction companies in the world. We think you’ll find that these homes are well worth every penny you spend on them.

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