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Visiting Italy? Best Places to Spend Your Time

Italy is the home to some of the greatest monuments, historical artworks and delicious food on the planet. There are so many places to see and things to do when you get to Italy that you can bet that crossing continents to get there is super worth it. From the architecture of cities to the diversity that you’ll find in its natural landscapes, picking just one place to go in Italy is impossible. Instead, you need to look for those dramatic coastlines and find where the best street food is. No matter where your passions lie, we have a list of places in Italy that should be your starting point.

  • Rome. It’s the best place to visit for history in Italy, and once the capital of the world, it was legendarily spawned and developed into a vast empire, rooting itself as the home of the Catholic Church. Rome should be somewhere that you visit if you’re going to be visiting Italy, especially if you’re looking to tick off legendary places such as the Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, or the Pantheon. Of course, there is an overwhelming amount to see when you get to Rome, so make sure that you are choosing a central hotel because public transport is limited. Make sure that you map out all of the sites that you want to see so that you get to see everything you can. \
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  • Tuscany. If there is one place you should always visit when you’re heading to Italy, it’s the city of Florence in Tuscany. But Tuscany as a whole is important too. If you do decide to go to Florence, remember that it is a walking city, so you need to find the best luggage storage Florence has to offer so that you can store your belongings before you have a chance to check into your Hotel. Tuscany itself is home to Botticelli’s Venus, which emerges dramatically from the water in the Uffizi Gallery. You’ll find Michelangelo in the Academia, Donatello in the Bargello, Leonardo and Raphael in the Uffizi: No, you’re not looking at the four Ninja Turtles here, but you are looking at some of the greatest names in all of history. There is a great rail network here, but you might want to hire a car in Tuscany. Just leave it out for Florence.
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  • The Dolomites. If you’re looking for those dramatic coastlines on those mountains, then the Dolomites are the best place to go. They’re harsh, jagged summits that offer a challenge to those who love to climb. And if you want to head up to the Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy’s most famous ski resort, you’ll be able to find that picture postcard of the mountain village of Sappada. This tiny area of Northern Italy brings you to life, but at dizzying heights.
  • Amalfi Coast: The most celebrated coastline of Italy offers coastal mountains that plunge down into blue seas. Sun bleached villages and cliffs that rear right behind them between the sea and the sky offer you everything from hiking trails to look out spots. Those Tyrrhenian panoramas are fit for even the best photographer. You’ll find some of the best seafood here and make sure that you hire a car with a top down so that you can drive along the Amalfi Coast as one of the world’s most famous road trips ticked off of your bucket list. Traffic can be nose to tail if you’re not careful, so you could take the ferry between towns if you want to avoid sitting in traffic and you just want to cruise on.
  • Pompeii. If you’re looking to step back in time a little bit on your trip, then you need to head to Pompeii. The time warped ruins hurtle you at least 2000 years into the past, where you get a chance to wander through those Roman streets that are still chariot grooved with frescoed villas and bath houses, food stores and markets, and you’ll even find an ancient brothel. If you take a look over at Mount Vesuvius, you’ll be able to think about the accounts of those final hours. If you do have time, take over Herculaneum, which is also well worth the visit. It’s much smaller than Pompeii and it was the other major city that was destroyed by the eruption. The buildings are better preserved here and the location makes the site even more reverent.
  • Venice: Venice, a timeless marvel of human ingenuity, enchants with its labyrinthine waterways and romantic bridges. Built on 118 small islands, it’s a city where history floats on every canal. From the grandeur of St. Mark’s Basilica to the quiet charm of neighborhood squares, Venice blends art, architecture, and culture seamlessly. Gondolas glide beneath ornate bridges, offering glimpses of palaces adorned with Byzantine mosaics. The Venetian Carnival evokes a spectacle of masks and revelry, while Murano glass dazzles in workshops along narrow alleys. Despite challenges like rising waters, Venice remains a peerless testament to resilience, captivating millions with its ethereal beauty.
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  • Sardinia. The best one for beaches and coastline in Italy is Sardinia. The varied blue and green and purple colors of the Seas here will be something that is burned into your mind’s eye for years to come. You can go down the tumble down boulders as Santa Teresa di Gallura and the cliff face of the Golfo di Orosei. Spend time inland as well. Don’t just go for the oceans. You’ll find some of the finest prehistoric remains here of megalithic buildings and burial sites that are so big they’re known as giant tombs.
  • Naples. It’s here that you can go to Pompeii, find the best pizza and a whole lot of panache. Each strip of history on top of the last in Naples is a city like no other, so you’ll be able to go underground along the ancient Greek and Roman roads and then head back up to street level where you’ll find the churches, Maradona and Baroque palaces. For serious lubes just outside the city, you’ll be able to travel from Naples to the time capsule of Pompeii and our earlier mentioned Herculaneum. Naples often becomes less chaotic from the water, so make sure that you’re taking a ferry or you’re getting a boat from the city to Sorrento.

Italy has something to offer everybody, so whether you’re traveling with the kids or you’re taking a romantic trip, make sure that you are touring a place that allows you to try everything, remember everything and explore everything with earnestness. 

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