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Manja Motte Makaat Motte: Coorg Weekend Trek

Never heard of Manja Motte Makaat Motte Trek before? We’ll, that’s not surprising because it is one of those numerous hills that have only gained recognition in the recent years. The Western Ghats are vast and the region has been blessed with many hills which can be developed as treks.

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Manja Motte Makaat Motte Reaching the Top

A few years ago, I did Nethravathi Peak Trek in the Western Ghats and at that time, it was a pretty new one. Since then, it has become too popular and too crowded, making people look for other options. So, Manja Motte Makaat Motte are twin peaks that can be covered in a day’s trek.

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360 degree views

If you have summited the Coorg’s highest peak and traversed the high grasslands of Brahmagiri, and looking for something interesting for a weekend adventure then Manja Motte Makaat Motte Trek, or as the lazy ones call it, the M4 trek, is the trek you should give a try. Sandwiched between giants, the elusive chain of hills never ceases to mesmerize you. Now it is monsoon, this is when every blade of grass is green.

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you can spot butterflies too

Do note that this is the guest contribution from the folks at Summiters Adventures, whith whom I had done Nethravathi trek. I have been away from the Deccan for a while now but I have gathered useful information and photographs from them that should help you.

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It is a moderate trek

Manja Motte Makaat Motte Trek Guide

Where exactly is the M4 trek located?

Manje Motte Makaat Motte are located in the Kodagu (Coorg) district at a distance of 230km from Bengaluru and 80 km from Mysore town.

What is the nearest major settlement?

It’s a small village called Napoklu which is around 21 KMs from Madikeri, the headquarters of Coorg.

How long is the trek and how much time it takes?

Trek duration 5 – 6 hours for average hikers. So, you can start in the morning and finish by afternoon.

Is it a difficult or easy trek?

Manje Motte Makaat Motte is an easy to moderate trek. Anyone can try it but some experience will be good.

Do we need permits for Manje Motte Makaat Motte or are there any restrictions?

As of now there is not permits needed but part fo the route passes through a private coffee estate and they need to be informed. That’s why it’s better to plan it with a regular operator who have done it before.

What to pack for the trek?

The usual things like hiking shoes and trek friendly clothes. Carry rain gear, especially if you are trekking in the monsoon. A trekking pole helps of you are not a regular hiker.

How to reach the Trek Starting point?

You can directly drive to the point with the help of a reliable organizer. You can take public transport to Madikeri but after that you’ll need guidance to reach the point.

What’s the best season?

The dry months of Spring and early Summer should be avoided. The monsoons are rainy but that’s when the western ghats are at their greenest. Trekking continues in the post on soon period till the winters. In short, do it between June and February.

Where to stay for Manja Motte Makaat Motte Trek?

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Tended facility at the start of the trek

You’ll stay in tents the night before the trek not far from the starting point. It has good basic amenities including bathrooms.

Hiring Guide and Operator for Manje Motte Makaat Motte Trek.

You can contact Summiters Adventures for this trek. Your transport, camping and food will also be taken care of. You can easily do it on a weekend from Bangalore.

What other activities can be done here?

You can club this activity with a bit of white water rafting in Coorg. Your operators can arrange that too.

Phone and Network Connectivity

Network may be weak as you enter remove and desolated areas during the trek.

The Manje Motte and Makaat Motte twin treks offer an enchanting adventure through the picturesque landscapes of the Western Ghats. These treks provide nature enthusiasts with a remarkable opportunity to explore the region’s rich biodiversity and stunning vistas. The Manje Motte trek leads hikers through lush forests, crossing streams and meandering paths, eventually culminating in breathtaking panoramic views from the summit. Just plan it well and go with a trusted operator.

Jitaditya Narzary

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