Make traveling to Bangalore a care-free experience


Bangalore, as we know it, is the IT hub of India. This also means that the city has become more and more crowded over the years with its explosive growth. The over population has stretched the infrastructure to its limits. However, that does not mean that one should not travel to this place. If you are backpacking in the southern part of India, you can surely make Bangalore your base as it s easly the most cosmopolitan city in the peninsula. As the photograph above suggests, it is fast paced but you can also find peace and comfort here.

Despite the traffic, living in Bangalore is actually not hard because if you ask for anything and its mostly right across the street or maybe just waiting for you to open the door. No! I’m not talking about the things like cab service that are available everywhere but services that can be easily accessed and be available even at your doorstep like online laundry services in Bangalore or buying groceries online, everything here is available at the tip of your fingers. As a technology hub, this is what has made it very easy for travelers to save more time thus, giving us a great opportunity to explore more of the city.

Secondly, demonetization has paved a great path for travelers like me who do not prefer to carry around lump sum cash and with Bangalore being one of the least affected city with demonetization, it has made it much easier to visit crowded places as even the small vendors have now started accepting hard cash.

And thirdly, the acceptance and love that we receive here from the localities is ineffable. The liberal mind of the people lets them to accept all kinds of folks and which is why people and mainly the youngsters from all over India prefer Bangalore over other cities. There is a no dearth of nigh-life as well as good watering holes in the city. Also, you can see a whole new facet of the city if you visit is during certain festivals. For instance, you can check these images I took during Ganesh Chaturthi a few years ago. Overall, do not get intimidated by the status of the city, know what you can get and enjoy a care-free stay.

Jitaditya Narzary

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