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Bali for Indian Budget Backpackers

Bali really needs no introduction. From endless shores to unique culture, and from luxury heavens to exquisite food, the island has everything you can ask for. Yet, a lot of people I know are a bit hesitant because of the costs involved. In general, Bali is not known to be a very expensive place but still the first timers from India get wary because combined with the flight costs, it can still be too much for budget travellers. So, I am trying to list out a few ideas to make your Bali trip as pocket-friendly as possible. This blog would especially be useful if you are travelling from India.

Plan the Flights

While planning your flights, do note that your timings and choice of airlines can make a huge difference on the cost. It is better to book the Delhi to Bali flights well in advance to get the best deals. It is generally advised to book at least 90 days in advance. Also, generally on Tuesdays, there’s a higher chance of finding cheap air tickets, in case you can manage to start on that day. Rates will also differ according to the airlines you choose. It is advisable that you spend some time going through various options.

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Backpacker Hostels

While Bali is in general affordable and a good tourist hub, budget backpackers can always go for hostels. The hostel scene in Bali is very well developed as it has been a tourist hub for a while. Many Indian tourists generally feel wary of getting into hostels, primarily because they are not sure what to expect and until recently, India did not have this option. However, things are changing now with hostels coming up in India too. Young backpackers are now open to the cosmopolitan ambiance of a hostel more than conventional hotels and this can immediately lower your expenses significantly.    

Hire your Transport

In general the cabs and buses are not that expensive in Bali. But as always, public transport has its limitations. They don’t always arrive when you need them and they don’t always go where you want to go. In Bali, you can hire bicycles, scooter, and bikes as per your needs and they are very cost effective. This also means that you can go anywhere you want at any point of time, without waiting for the bus to arrive.

Street Food

This is one thing that will make the Indians happy. Just like our cities, Bali is also full of street food and as expected, they cost peanuts!  However, the options here are far more diverse and completely different from anything we are used to. So, keep your eyes and minds open and try out stuff like sate lilit, nasi campur, serombotan… and many more. Don’t google these names. Just go there and find out yourself to get pleasantly surprised. Most of them won’t even cost a dollar.

Bargain Your Heart Out

Here is another good news for Indians. Bali is not much different from India in case of bargaining. It is not considered wrong or offensive to bargain and they probably ask for a higher rate anyway, expecting you to do exactly the same. So, in case you feel shy of doing it, you will end up paying a much higher price than what you should. Especially when you go for souvenir hunting on the street shops, this is a must. It is normal and everyone does it. So, don’t hesitate at all. Also, try to learn a few local words and numbers so that the process becomes easier.   

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