Atlys App Review: Hassle-free Solution for International Trips

I don’t always write about services I use but I am writing this Atlys App Review, especially for those who are new to international travel. While within my own country I enjoy wandering around without any planning, foreign travel is a different beast, especially when you are new to it.I am a seasoned traveller, I often have to go through the whole complicated process of getting a Visa. It goes without saying that I have had my own fair share of disappointing experiences in terms of Visa apps both in terms of complexity as well as timelines. However, my recent experience with the Atlys Visa app for my trip to Malaysia has been a revelation so I decided to write an Atlys review, offering a level of service that surpasses any other platform I’ve used before. 


While it is a thrilling prospect, you can suddenly encounter a formidable obstacle in the form of visa application. This intricate labyrinth of paperwork, deadlines, and regulations can quickly become a source of stress and disappointment. This is where a reliable visa service can save the day and ensure you reach your destination without losing your mind. When I first decided to go to Malaysia, I had anticipations too about how to get the Visa and the amount of time it will take me to get it all done. It was more worrying since I was on a tight schedule and only had about a couple of weeks before the journey. But Atlys helped me get rid of all my worries and their Visa processing system was in fact the fastest. I got my Visa, all set and ready within a week, as it was promised. 

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Atlys App Review: Why Use It?

Every country has their respective embassies to provide visas. So, what extra do I get from Atlys? Well, the most obvious reason is the ease and simplicity of the process and I personally can vouch for it. All I had to do was provide them the details i.e. a valid passport, passport-sized photos and flight and hotel details. 

So what did I save here? 

Time, stress and a lot of hassles – all of which I am really grateful for. As I also had to worry about planning the trip and packing the essentials and all the nitty-gritties before leaving for the trip, Atlys was helpful, considering it took care of all the Visa-related worries. 

Reasons why I have found that Atlys might actually be a favorite for all those who are looking forward to getting their Visa and soon too!

  • The Interface is quite User-Friendly
  • Clear and Comprehensive Set of Information
  • Secure Document Upload and Storage
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Transparent Fee Structure

As far as the interface is concerned, the Atlys interface is quite user-friendly and clutter-free. It has been clearly designed keeping travellers in mind. From the moment I opened the app, I found a well-organized layout that guided me seamlessly through each step. The simplicity and efficiency of the design significantly reduced the time and effort required, setting Atlys apart from other platforms. The winning feature for me was Atlys’s efforts of providing comprehensive information. I am a person, who likes to be well-informed and for my trip to Malaysia the app’s detailed guides on visa requirements for the destination proved invaluable. Knowing about the requirements before starting the application itself helped avoid confusion and uncertainty, making the entire process smoother. Atlys impressed me with its secure document upload and storage features. One of the best parts of using Atlys was its transparent fee structure, with no hidden charges and conditional payments. This transparency allowed me to budget accurately and eliminated the stress of unexpected expenses.

Is Atlys visa legit?

Definitely. Atlys visa is legit!!

It is a legal service that operates all over the world. You can check their app/website to see the countries they operate in. I used it earlier for Sri Lanka and helped some relatives get a visa to Turkey. Now I am using it for certain other adventures next year (more about them soon).

Established visa services often maintain trusted relationships with embassies and consulates. This can translate into faster processing times, smoother communication, and even leniency in borderline cases. Their experience in handling complex scenarios can also prove invaluable, as they can negotiate and advocate on your behalf, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

Visa Process with Atlys


Atlys works as a phone app as of now and it is also the most convenient way. I am also posting some screenshots from the app below. As I used it, I realised that it is much more convenient to do it through the phone. For photographs and documents like passports, you can just scan them with your phone camera (the app will guide you). Another interesting thing I noticed is that even as my photo is clicked through the app, it compares with the existing Interpol database to make sure that it is not matching with any of those unwanted guys. 

Once I finished submitting the docs, I paid the charges and that was it. Time required to issue the visa again depends on the respective countries. Atlys gave me a clear timeframe for the visa and delivered before that time. 


Peace of mind is perhaps the most priceless benefit of choosing Atlys. Knowing your application is in experienced hands, meticulously prepared and meticulously presented, alleviates the nagging anxieties that can plague the visa process.  

Their value lies in expertise and experience as the visa requirements in certain countries can be overwhelming. Professional visa specialists, with their experience in handling diverse cases, understand specific country regulations, and document intricacies, and potential pitfalls. They anticipate challenges, suggest optimal application strategies, and ensure completeness to minimize rejection risks. 

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What about Visa rejections?

I know it is a dreaded prospect for many but let us face it that is up to the authorities of respective countries rather than any intermediary service. Different countries have different rules and some of them may ask for additional documents such as bank details. Usually, small touristy countries are lenient about awarding visas while big countries such as US and UK have stricter rules and requirements. So, it is better to do your research to assess your eligibility before applying.   

My personal experience with Atlys Visa app has been nothing short of exceptional. If you’re a traveler seeking a stress-free and reliable solution for your visa application, Atlys is the app to trust. It has earned my loyalty and set a new standard for what I expect from a visa application platform.

Jitaditya Narzary

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