Six Things No One Told You About Denver

Denver started as a small mining town during the gold rush in the mid 19th century. Since then it has grown rapidly to become the largest city in Colorado, as well as the state capital. While it is a pretty well-known city, it never ceases to surprise us. For more budget friendly accommodations, stay at a Denver hotel near the Highlands or choose convenience and stay in downtown Denver. Here are a few interesting facts you probably did not know about Denver, but would be useful to know when planning your trip.

It’s Been Home to Many Famous Musicians

Bob Dylan once lived here, and so did John Denver. The city has a very rich musical history, although it may not be as well-known as some others. You can find good joints for pop, jazz, classical, and folk in this city. Even in recent times, many talented artists and bands such as Five Iron Frenzy, Deuce Mob, and The Fray have emerged from this city.

It Has One of the Coolest Concert Venues in the World

While exploring the music scene in Denver, you should also pay a visit to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It is an open-air venue built right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, just 10 miles from the city. Concerts and other events take place under the open, starry sky. From The Beatles to The Grateful Dead, and from U2 to Depeche Mode, it has hosted some of the biggest names in music over the years.

It Hosts the Annual Great American Beer Festival

There are dozens of breweries around Denver and the craft beers here are well-known. If you’re a beer lover, you should not miss the Great American Beer Festival, where you can enjoy brews, food, and exhibits.

It Has a Large Asian Population

Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese immigrants live in large numbers in Denver. Treat yourself at a Korean BBQ restaurant, and enjoy the Chinese New Year or the colorful Dragon Boat Festival.

It Has a Great Art Scene

Denver has a very active art scene. Museums like Denver Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and  Clyfford Still Museum contain some of the best collections of art in the country. You won’t want to miss the Denver Museum of Nature and Science if natural history interests you.

It’s One of the Sunniest Cities in the USA

Denver receives more than 300 days of sunshine every year. At the same time, Denver is located at a high altitude in the Rocky Mountains. In fact, the altitude is exactly 1,610 meters or one mile, which is why it is called the Mile-High City. The weather here is sunny yet cool, thus making it ideal for outdoor activities. Hiking, kayaking, rafting, and all sorts of adventure activities take place in the Rocky Mountains that loom large over Denver. In fact, the entire state of Colorado is a hub of adventure sports and Denver can be your starting point.

As you can see, Denver offers a diverse range of attractions for its visitors. Whatever you plan to do, you are assured of a memorable vacation.

Jitaditya Narzary

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  1. USA has always been on top of my list from years. After getting my visa for 10years, I am happy I have planned a trip next year. Denver sounds interesting from your points, I would be adding it to my list.

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