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One may say that at the center of European bureaucracy it is impossible to be entertained or to see something beautiful. However, this statement is far from truth, and Brussels is definitely worth traveling to. Here you can find gorgeous museums, dainty restaurants, astonishing historical center with 16th century buildings and numerous nightclubs.

One of the biggest surprises of newcomers to Brussels is the condition of the city center. There are many shabby old houses, the streets are untidy though the life there is in full swing. The historical center of the city divides into the Lower and Upper Town, home of Grand Place and Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts. French and Flemish people together with immigrants from North and Central Africa, Turkey and the Mediterranean and representatives of European countries working in the EU legal center transferred Brussels to the one of the most famous gastronomic paradises.


One of the Belgian miracles is a chocolate, and here you can try many kinds of it when you check out the sights of biennial flower carpet or walk in the parks and terraces of the city. Atomium is another place that tourists should visit as well as Heysel’s panorama deck where you can see the best view of Brussels.


One of the most famous places for sightseeing in Brussels is the Manneken-Pis – the statue of a naked boy urinating into a fountain, and it is situated in the historical center of the city not far from Grand Place and Flower Carpet. Actually, the city is not that big and it is compact build-up, so a trip from one point to another won’t take a lot of time.

Try out traditional bread rolls called pistolets with different fillings like herrings or shrimps. Also consider visiting the Place du Jeu de Balle fleamarket – there you can find literally everything. Marolles district is full of markets and shops filled with unique staff, so here you can find great souvenirs for friends and relatives.

If you want to get a full immersion into the ancient history, visit the Gothic cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula with the underground remains of the 11th-century Romanesque church.

Today due to the security issues tourists are advised to make some precautions to make your trip more peaceful. It is essential to add extra time to your plans due to prolonged security procedures at ports and borders and keep an eye on your schedule and some public events may be cancelled.

At the moment it is better to avoid the public transportation and crowded places. In case you have to move around the city a lot, using a taxi will be a sound solution, especially in case if you are using a reliable and affordable one like

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