Airtel Lost SIM Replacement: Postpaid & Prepaid

Yes, it is a nightmarish scenario, especially if it happens while travelling around a place far away from your home. Airtel Lost SIM Replacement procedure described below is due to the fact that I use Airtel myself and I have had to replace it for a a few times. Nevertheless, I think the procedure will be more or less similar for other service providers like Jio too. We always get to hear about it but keep thinking that it can’t happen to us. But let us face it, this is a pretty common thing and you always drop it somewhere or get your phone snatched by some petty thief.

Airtel Lost SIM Replacement : Postpaid & Prepaid

What is the procedure for getting a replacement SIM?

To make things simple, here is what you have to do if you lose your phone, or it gets stolen and you need a replacement SIM with the same number.

  1. Find the nearest Airtel Service Center and tell them that you need SIM replacement
  2. Provide ID proof and complete the formalities
  3. Verify through OTP sent to alternate number
  4. That’s it. It is supposed to be an easy process.

What documents are needed?

You basically need an ID proof such as Aadhar Card, Passport, or Driving License. The executive will click photos of you, so no need to carry photos. Everything is done digitally, so there is no need to carry xerox copies either.

Is it easy to get replacement SIM for Postpaid numbers?

It is technically very easy and hassle-free if you have your details in place. However, it may be difficult if you are missing at least one of the things. Here is where you may get into trouble,

Firstly. they try to match the details with what they have in their record. For example, if you had given your passport as ID while getting the original SIM and now you are providing Aadhar, it may be difficult to verify. It is better to carry the exact document you used to register the original SIM.

The other problem is that they ask for an alternate number to send OTP to verify. Now, you can usually get a friend or family member for the same but if you are on your own, this can be a bit tricky. You will have to find someone to offer you a helping hand in this regard.

How much do I have to pay for a postpaid SIM?

Usually for Airtel prepaid SIM you have to pay RS 50. For some reasons they nowadays ask you to do an UPI payment for the same, which is a bit strange because it can be difficult as you have already lost your phone. Anyway, there seems to be an alternative where you can adjust it later with your recharge.

For Postpaid Airtel SIM you don’t have to pay anything. My connection was also Postpaid so it happened quickly for me.

How much time does it take for the new SIM to get activated?

Officially it takes 4 hours for a replacement SIM. It may be a bit faster in reality. For me it took around 2.5 hours after I left the service centre. 

However, it takes 24 hours for the SMS to resume. This is to make sure that no unwanted activity is taking place and not a different person has taken to SIM impersonating you as you need to receive OTPs via SMS for any 

Is it necessary to report the police and produce FIR copy?

Not necessarily. I have never done it. Chances of recovering the same is limited and it will just be an additional wastage of time unless it was a new and very expensive phone. Just say that you lost the phone at the service center. 

Jitaditya Narzary

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