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8 Creative Ways To Document Your Travels As A Digital Nomad

Are you considering travelling the world with nothing but a laptop, a thirst for adventure, and a hankering for being your own boss? Congratulations—something tells us you’re destined to become a digital nomad. The allure of a flexible lifestyle where the world is your office is undeniably enticing and something that many of us wanderlust-stricken individuals wish to experience. However, as you embark on this thrilling journey, it’s just as important to capture and share the experiences as it is the destinations.

In this post we will explore 8 creative ways to document your travels as a digital nomad ensuring that your adventures are not only lived, but documented for you and others to see. Read on to find out more. 

  1. Curate A Photo Essay

One of the easiest ways to not only document but also share your best experiences with the world is to curate a photo essay. Yet, given that the term photo essay is so broad, it can be really difficult to understand exactly what to include and what to leave out, or even where to start. It goes beyond simply being a bunch of pictures thrown together on Instagram or Facebook to look like a mishmash. 

No, it’s about crafting a narrative and telling an epic story through a carefully curated set of snaps. It’s about using strategic captions to add context, sharing some personal introspection (from you) and then transforming your photo essay into a well devised and vivid narrative. The end result is an incredibly powerful and super evocative way to share your journey with the world and to leave a lasting impression on those with whom you follow your globetrotting adventures.

Pro Tip: Tools like the Adobe Express app are absolutely amazing for enhancing the visual appeal of your photo essay, so don’t be afraid of experimenting with different themes, styles, and storytelling techniques.

  1. Blog Your Adventures

Another wonderful way to immortalise your digital nomad experiences beyond just photos and captions is to start a blog that chronicles your stories, musings and practical insights from your travels. With plenty of free blogging platforms, including the likes of WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Blogger, you can create a beautiful blog without having to know complex coding or web design. Not to mention, that they can also be monetised through ads too to earn a little extra spare change to support you on your consecutive travels around the world.

  1. Start A YouTube Channel

Not into writing? Consider a career in film and start a YouTube channel as you share your nomadic experiences with the world. YouTube is a fantastic platform for visual storytelling and an amazing way to get your content seen by people all over the world. Whether you’re uploading daily vlogs, travel guides, GRWM videos, or simply sharing tips for other digital nomads, vlogging is a fantastic way to connect with a global community interested in the ever-fascinating world of digital nomadism.

  1. Write Letters To Yourself

Let me set the scene: A good friend of ours has been a digital nomad for four years, and in every hip, cool spot she landed, she wrote emails and letters to herself. I know, right? Why didn’t we think of that? Instead of a journal (we’re old school like that), you write your thoughts and musings in emails. It’s like time-travelling through your own adventures. You get to write about every incredible thing that happened to you, every mood swing and moment, and then at the end? You have a treasure trove of entries that are like little love notes from your jet-setting, digital nomad self. So whether you go with words on your laptop or the best pen you can find, write your little heart out and then save them all.

  1. Interactive Maps

Have you ever heard of an interactive map? These are just like a physical scratch map, but in a digital format. You tick off all the countries/regions you’ve been to and the map colours them in for you. Some great ones we love are MapHub, Travel Map and of course, good old Google Maps. The added bonus to an interactive map – you can actually share them with friends and family, so while you’re off enjoying your next holiday, they can follow your travels! It’s a really great way to show where you have been, all in a digital form.

  1. Dip Your Toes Into Podcasting

You’ve probably heard one too many jokes about how everyone and their mother wants to start a podcast in this day and age, but hear us out: podcasting is a seriously amazing way of sharing your digital nomad journey with not just friends and family, but the big wide world. It offers an intimate and authentic way to connect with a global audience – sharing the raw, unfiltered stories that make your journey uniquely yours.

Oh, and the best part? Starting a podcast is completely free on most platforms like Spotify, so you won’t have to worry about investing in fancy equipment or breaking the bank. All you really need is some basic recording equipment, recording software and a story to tell. Who knows, your anecdotes and insights might just inspire someone across the globe to embark on their own digital nomad adventure.

  1. Consider Scrapbooking 

Sometimes, doing things the old-school way can be incredibly fun and nostalgic, and if there’s something that we definitely have fond memories of, it’s scrapbooking in our teenage years. But guess what? Scrapbooking isn’t just a distant memory from the noughties — it’s something that can be the perfect partner on your digital nomad journey. 

Whether it’s glueing down ticket stubs and polaroids, jotting down notes and memories, or adorning your scrapbook pages with colourful postcards, this hands-on, creative endeavour can take the most endearing display of travel mementoes and turn them into an entirely personalised masterpiece. So, head to your nearest craft store, grab a cute notebook and some glittery pens, and create a time capsule that you’ll be able to fondly look back on for years to come.

  1. Create Your Own Photo Book

Last but not least, countless companies can help you create a gorgeous printed photo book, so why not create a photo book of your own?  Break out your best travel photos, select the moments that define your digital nomad adventure, and let the pages of a professionally printed photo book tell the story. Your photo book will serve as a great conversation starter/coffee table book for your friends and family to flip through, and it will also make a fantastic keepsake that you can look back on in the years to come.


And there you have it — 8 unique and creative ways to document your travels as a digital nomad. Because at the end of the day, these are the memories you’ll want to cherish and look back on fondly. So, whether it’s blogging, vlogging, or any of the other ideas we’ve mentioned, these are the memories meant for future throwback posts and late-night scrolling.

Safe travels and happy documenting! 

Jitaditya Narzary

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