60 Days of Summer

#HRTC is the best transport corporation in this country. Marketers also know it. Will ASTC ever reach this level? #instatravel #bustravel #sunnyleone #pointless #himachal

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So, it begins, the ideal trip that had eluded me so far. This is something I have been planning to do for the last couple of years. Various practical issues had scuttled the plan every time I came up with them. But this time I see no obstacles, at least not as yet. I have arrived at the Kangra Valley as of now but unlike the previous times, I am not going back after the weekend. At the least, I intend to spend the next two months traversing the hills. The motivations for doing so are,

1. To avoid that furnace of a city at the peak of the summer. There are things in Delhi that I like but its summer is not one of them and nor can I afford an AC.
2. Short trips just do not give me enough time to comprehensively explore a place.
3. It also seems like wastage of time and money to keep travelling to and from Delhi every now and then.

So, this plan had been brewing for a long time and finally I am implementing it. I am sure to spend the next two months circulating the entire Himachal completing various trips and treks that I have had in my mind for a long time.

The itinerary is not exactly fixed but I am starting with Kangra but will slowly move towards Mandi, then reach Pabbar Valley, traverse through Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul, and finally will complete the unfinished business I have with Pangi valley.

In order to make things easier, I have vacated my Delhi room to save on the rent. Initially my plan was to rent a room in one of the placid Himalayan towns of Himachal or Uttrakhand. I just needed a place where there is cheap accommodation available and the internet worked seamlessly to continue my work. Research suggested some good options such as Bir-Billing, Kasol, Kasar Devi etc.

However, as of now I am not looking to settle in one place because even if I stay in the hills, it will still take long hours of travel to various remote corners on public transport. I might still consider it while the monsoon sets in but for the time being I will be on the move consistently, not spending more than 3-4 days in one place.

So, I have been in Bir for the last couple of days. Here are a few Instagram post covering the initial phase of the trip. Camera images are yet to be processed but they will be, by tomorrow.

Plum seller #hrtc #_soi #_hoi #bustravel #streetphotography #instatravel #traveldiaries #travelogy

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Wild summer blossoms #birbilling #himachalpradesh #himalayas

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Vast fields of molten #gold #instagold #_soi #_hoi #bustravel #instatravel #traveldiaries #travelogy #bns_nature #indiaclicks #indiaphotosociety #picoftheday @instahimachal #traveldiaries #travelogy #pastoral #agrophotography

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The other good thing about the Kanfra region is the tea gardens…smaller, compact and more homely compared to those in Assam. #kangratea #teagardens #teaporn #instatravel #instagreen #_soi #_hoi #roadporn #himachalpradesh #himalayas

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I guess Bir-Billing has become a pretty common destination nowadays. Still, for those who are wondering, I took a train to Pathankot and then a bus to here. But it is also possible to get Domestic Airlines dropping you at Ghaggal, which is not far from here.

I am not sure how successful my plans would be but as of now. But I am just happy with the fact that I do not have to catch a return bus anytime soon and I hope this would become the template for ideal trips in the future.

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5 thoughts on “60 Days of Summer”

  1. I did something similar last year, spent 6 weeks between Ladakh and Himachal and loved it. Although the lack of internet connectivity drove me crazy at times because I was still carrying some with me. Planning to do this more of this monsoon or winter, will look for your updates and findings. Have a great time exploring! 🙂

  2. You will love it. Slow travel and like your comment on the simple fact that it wastes a lot of money to come back to Delhi and go back again for short trips.

    A summer to remember. Come down to Gushaini or around.

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