Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: A Guide to Tickets, Offers & Rides

Although summer is over, it doesn’t mean you should wait another year to visit Abu Dhabi and the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is ideal for this season as the weather is cooler and less humid. You feel more comfortable as you experience various fun indoor and outdoor activities in the city. Another upside of taking a vacation in Abu Dhabi during autumn is you can enjoy various deals and offers that let you save money and make the most of your holiday.

Since the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is home to several well-known amusement parks, you can take advantage of some Abu Dhabi theme park offers that let you spend a day or more at these fun and excitement-filled attractions and enjoy other perks.

Theme Park Offers in Abu Dhabi You Can Enjoy

Abu Dhabi is home to one of the biggest, unique, and fun-filled theme parks in the world:  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This world-renowned theme park is the only Ferrari-inspired park on the planet. It’s one of the best places to enjoy a day full of fun, adrenaline-pumping rides and activities.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island, which also boasts two other massive, top-rated theme parks: Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and Yas Island Abu Dhabi.

A basic ticket costs AED 310 per head for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. However, visiting the park this fall lets you enjoy several money-saving offers that can make the time you spend here more special and memorable. These offers include:

Kids Go Free Offer

If you want to visit the park with your family this September, you can get free tickets for your little ones.

For every ticket you purchase for an adult for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, you get a free one for a child aged 11 and below.

However, you have to purchase your ticket online at least a day before your visit.

Also, keep in mind that the ticket price is based on the advertised rate stated on the theme park gate.

These tickets give you and your family access to the theme park’s popular rides and attractions.

Family & Friends Offer

If you are a resident of the UAE, you can purchase four single-day tickets online with the Family & Friends offer for the price of three.

If your group includes more than four people, you can also save 25 percent on all additional single-day tickets you purchase in the same transaction.

Your children aged three and below get free tickets for the single-day admission.

Aside from access to the park, you and your group can get free parking on the day of your visit.

Etihad Guest Miles

As an Etihad Guest loyalty program member, you can enjoy several perks and offers when you visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You can earn and spend Etihad Guest miles when you visit the park.

Additionally, you can spend your miles to receive your cashback on your Visa card and earn one tier mile for every three dirhams you spend.

To use and check your miles, download the Etihad Guest app.

You have to use the app and link your Visa cards to your Etihad Guest account to earn miles when you want to use this feature to buy your tickets as well.  

 Click here to learn more about airline loyalty programs.

The Tasty Ticket

With the Tasty Ticket offer, you can save money on your snacks and meals when you visit the park.

This offer comes with a meal voucher that allows you to enjoy up to 30% extra value, which you can redeem at all restaurants in the theme park.

The Tasty Ticket also comes with unlimited all-day access to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

To enjoy this offer, purchase this ticket online at least a day before your visit to the park. 

Multi-Day Packages for Stay-and-Play

If you’re planning to stay several days on Yas Island, consider purchasing one of the stay-and-play packages the island offers.

When you stay at one of the hotels on Yas Island, two of your children under the age of 12 can stay for free in your room.

A stay-and-play package lets you stay at your choice of hotel on the island. Additionally, it gives you and your family unlimited access to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, or Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, or all of them.

Children below 12 years of age can also dine for free on the same meal plan you have. If you try go-karting at the Yas Marina Circuit, you get a free session for everyone you book.

You and your group can get complimentary access to Yas Beach when you stay at selected hotels. Lastly, you can enjoy a 20 percent discount on certain spa experiences and services when you book your stay-and-play package on the Yas Island website.  

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Top Attractions

When you visit the world’s only Ferrari-branded theme park, you have plenty of rides and attractions to choose from, ranging from fast fun to family-friendly.

The adrenaline-pumping rides and attractions you can find here include:

Formula Rossa

This ride holds the record of the fastest roller coaster on the planet as it reaches a peak speed of 250 kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds.

Flying Aces

This roller coaster ride reaches a height of 207 feet, making it the world’s highest roller coaster loop.

Fiorano GT Challenge

This unique roller coaster ride lets you experience formula racing with a twist aboard F430 Spider-shaped cars on a GT racing circuit-inspired parallel track.

Turbo Track

The 166-meter-long roller coaster ride, which is one of the longest in the park, features a vertical climb that shoots the train through the park’s roof.

The rides and attractions everyone in your family can enjoy include:

Formula Rossa Junior

The family-friendly, miniature version of Formula Rossa features 200 meters of track weaving in and around the park’s top attractions, giving guests that unique “Ferrari feeling.”

Turbo Tower

This drop tower gives guests of all ages fantastic views of the park and the right balance of fun and thrills.

Flying Wings

The child-friendly version of Flying Aces lets you get amazing aerial views of the park as you control the glider movements.

Tyre Twist

Have fun with the entire family as you crash and bump into other carts in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s version of the classic teacup ride.

With the new season already in full swing, you won’t go wrong with planning your autumn getaway to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as soon as possible.

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